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Anyone ever make a cribbage board?

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  • Anyone ever make a cribbage board?

    My son loves to play cribbage and for Christmas I thought I would try figuring out how to make one out of the Colorado Avalanche logo which is his favorite team.

    I have a board at home and can use that as a reference for number of holes etc. I was just wondering if anyone had ever attempted to make one. Seems like drilling the holes would be the most time consuming, teadious thing about it.
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    They make jigs for drilling all the holes for adjustable book cases (basically a bar with a bunch of evenly spaced holes drilled in it). I'd pick one of them up; that would cut down on your drilling time significantly.

    An alternative would be to take a small section of wood and drill a series of holes the distance you need them to be apart and use this piece of wood as a'll just have to move it a little more often!

    Good Luck!



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      If your local library carries old issues of Wood Magazine:
      Issue 26 December 1988, page 80

      Try Cherry Tree online (should be a link under "Other Great Sites" under Scrolling Community on left of your screen for this site.) search for cribbage board at that site.

      Rockler has a template for sale for a cribbage board. (Rockler should also be listed in Other Great Sites.)

      BTW: besides using, you can query at for 'cribbage board layout' and find the following suggestion:
      Take a cheap cribbage board, and modify it to be your template for your drill press.

      That way, if you use one of the intarsa plans from one of our designers, and using the Cherry Tree idea of not making a rectangle cribbage board, you could still have blocks of 8 peg whole blocks on an intarsa made animal.
      (sorry, I know that idea is not clearly written, but look at the cherry Tree cribbage board, and think intarsa.)



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        Hi Dusty,

        Here is a link to a free cribbage board template

        It is from an article published in Nov.05

        DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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