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Finished July 4th Projects

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  • Finished July 4th Projects

    Just finished my July 4th projects and got them out.

    Have a Great 4th!

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    those would look great in our front yard too. did you make or buy the patterns?
    I just wish I some place to store them after they were made..
    Nice work....

    I starting to think about all the Christmas stuff that I need to get made...

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      Great work there

      Ive got plenty of space for them here just forgot to make some lol

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        Tim, those are some Very nice projects.

        Trout, how did you do that thing with the fireworks?

        Happy July 4th


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          Very nice, I especially like the eagle....

          DeWalt 788

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            those are so neet. I love the one that is holding the flag. did you add that to the patten, so cool

            I could store them at my place. that would look good all year around.

            That reminds me.

            HOw do you guys keep your paint from splitting. do you put fiberglass on them . mine need painting every year. I thought of doing them in fiberglass, not with the cloth , but just the fiberglass stuff. have any of you tryed that, and if so, how dose it work , and how do you prepare the wood after it is painted. My Son did that to his shower. put wall papper on the walls of his shower. then fiberglased it. looks great. and doesn't pell. just wonder how it would work with porus wood.



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              well those are neat !!
              Pete Ripaldi

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