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  • Flag and Bevels

    Since Canada Day is right around the corner, I was playing with our flag. I quickly drew up this pattern and cut it using bevels. I couldn't help but think how cool the American flag would look with all the stars and strips.

    Anyone up to the challenge?

    Take care
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    That flag is very cool. I was actually talking to my boss on Wed. about him drawing me a flag so I could cut it out and send it in as a quilt tile. He is a designer of machinery and quite the artist but he was having a problem drawing the maple leaf. Have you made a tile yet, I think that would be a great one to represent us Canadian Scrollers.
    Just a thought


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      Very cool idea for both of you.
      I love it.
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        I Knew it!

        Alberta and Québec are the ones separated...
        by the color lines!!!

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          [. I couldn't help but think how cool the American flag would look with all the stars and strips.

          Anyone up to the challenge?


          BRING IT ON MISSY!!!! Thats what I say! Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Tony - I have a question. There are three different levels to your flag and nthe maple leaf transitions from the lowest level to the highest. In what sequence did you cut to get a good tight fit on the stem of the leaf between the middle and the bottom level? Does that make sense?
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              Stars and Stripes

              Ok Dale.... lol, Lets see what you can do with the American Flag! I figure with all those stars and stripes, you could make it a real awesome piece.

              I used the American Flag as a box top, cut out the stars and strips and it dawned on me then that it would be SO cool all bevelled. The challenge is all in the points to the stars, atleast it would be for me.

              Take care


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                Hmmm. I'll try to explain

                The Canadian Flag was cut partially in bevels, partially in segmentation. The appearance of three levels comes from the bevel being pushed down somewhat at one end and raised to the full extent the bevel would allow. Then glued in place.

                I tend to play around with stuff like this, never really knowing how it will turn out. This simple idea worked out well, and overall I was pleased with it. Could I do the exact same thing again - ah, I highly doubt it. Guess it all comes from playing.

                Hope that helped.
                Take care


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                  American Flag

                  Here is a intarsia flag. Got the pattern from another Wood Magizine.

                  I have it attached to the side of my Motorhome. Needless to say it was a lot of fun cutting out the 50 stars.
                  Chuck D

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                    Ah very nice Chuck!

                    One of the nicest American Flag patterns I can recall seeing.

                    Take care


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                      totally nice job!!! I I've seen!

                      Sue Chrestensen


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                        Man, both of these are very kewl! I guess after looking at these there's an advantage to being French. That's the flag I'd be willing to cut out, LOL.
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