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  • Daniel Wall Clock

    About a month ao I joined this forum and asked for some information about the plans for the Daniel Wall Clock. I have since recieved the pattern and have constructed the clock and hopefully post a picture here. I made the clock out of black walnut and then used a 50/50 mix of BLO/MS to bring out the grain. I then sprayed on a water based lacquer to finish the clock. Hope that you like it.

    Cheers Al

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    Very Beautiful Clock there

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      Clock Picture

      Nice looking clock. Where did you purchase the pattern from?

      But the second part of the question is the picture. I have the same problem in trying to shoot pictures of scroll projects. Has anyone found a easy solution to how to get a picture of something like this clock without the glare, and dark areas. I know there has to be a way that I and maybe others could use some help in how to set up a project to get a photo that really makes the project stand out like it does when you are looking at the real thing.

      I know I can buy special lights, shades and all that stuff, but I am looking for suggestions on how to do it without having to buy special bulbs, lamps, reflectors and other special things. I am looking for how to do a home snapshot of a project.

      Bob this would be a good article for the magazine, How to shoot home photos of your project.
      Rick Hutcheson


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        Thanks for the comments on the clock. I purchased the plan from Wildwood design. I hear you on taking photos. I am definately not a photographer and am open to any suggestions on how to produce a better photo. This one was especially difficult as the wood is dark and the shadows really show up.

        Cheers Al
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          light tent

          Awesome job Daniel!

          If you want to cut glare when photographing a gloss object you can use a light tent,
          Makezine has one here
          If you look at the econd image on the page you can see how effective it is. The indirect lighting will show the highlights with no glare

          There are some good tips for shooting pictures in issue 22
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            The clock looks nice. It appears a little glossier then my tastes, but whatever you prefer. The cutting looks nice. Any trouble with it? With the plans, or assembly or anything? There was an artical a few issues ago about photoing your work, I cant recall how long ago, maybe 4 or 5 issues ago. But, your clock looks great!!! Now whats your next project??? Dale

            edit: Carl beat me to it...issue 22
            Dale w/ yella saws


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              Al you did a fine job on that clock , it is one of my favorites. did you cut off the tabs. or struggale with them?
              As too the photo thing, I just got my didgitale last year, and what i do is just put my project in the room somewhere where the regular sunlight comes in,If the project is dark I put it on a light background, and a light one works well on a light background too. or take it outside. shut the flash off and try to get the best shot. if the light is not bright enouph i try to put my camera on a trypod of some kind, so as not to blurr while the shutter is open. also, I have adobe and when i load my pictuers I have to go there to lower the pixcels so it dose not take forever to get where im sending it. there is a adjustment level there, you can fix the brightness or darkness with, eather buy manuel or auto.(that would be in the Imeges)up at the top where files and all that is. I am learning too. so i will learn from this tread. thanks for asking it. and you go al. your doing great. your friend Evie


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                Photo shoot

                I missed the photo article in issue 22, but just pulled it out and read it. Not too bad of an article but like all photo stuff I find some differences. The article says don't use the camera zoom. Then going to the tent article , then the tent page the first comment is to zoom in and not get the camera too close.
                I really like the light tent. That was a great link to the light tent. I followed the links and found this page to show an easy way to make it.
                Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of the page for some other ideas. I even wonder about using bolts on some of the pvc connections so I could take the big box frame apart for storage.

                I still wonder about the spiral florescent bulbs, but both articles say the same bulb. Guess it will be off to the hardware store and start looking for parts. Then to the craft supply store for the backdrop paper.
                Rick Hutcheson


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                  That is fine scrolling by any standard

                  Carl's link shows a good way to take the pictures.

                  Another way is to use a white sheet/pillow case/linen as a reflector. You position it on the opposite side of the main light source in order to reduce the contrast ratio. You adjust the ratio by moving the reflector closer or farther from the subject you photograph.

                  You do not need special lights when taking digital pictures as long as the lights are all the same type (fluorescent (same color) OR incandescent OR sunlight), the camera will auto white-balance in just about any situation. You can use multiple light sources, but consider keeping it simple until you experiment: multiple shadows are distracting in a picture (the sun only casts one )

                  Try putting the object on a table covered with a material that will complement your object, not dark for dark woods and not too light for light woods. Bed sheets are a good choice: hung up in the back and allowed to round off in the back toward the front on the table, this makes for a seamless transition from the vertical to the horizontal surface ( I hope this part is clear enough)

                  In either case above leave the flash off. If possible put the camera on a tripod if you own one (FYI the thread is 1/4-20, you can make your own support), and use the delay timer to further prevent "shakes" caused by pressing the shutter button.

                  If you want to use the flash, experiment putting a tissue (Kleenex type) doubled over in front of the flash. This will soften the light and possibly help alleviate the hot spots you are experiencing.

                  Have fun experimenting.

                  DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                    Rick, something I have found for a backdrop is that thin crafting foam you can get form Michaels. It has a matt texture and you can choose different colors to highlight different projects.

                    I was thinking of using my Halogen Worklights on the light tent.
                    I know the coloring of the final picture isn't quite right, maybe too warm or too cool, but it is not that hard to correct it with software, if you have a good image to start with.

                    I agree with Marcel on the tripod and no flash. Bext 20 dollar investment I made for pictures was the tripod
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                      now this is turning into a great thread. this is the stuff i am learning from. thanks Carl, and Rick , and Marcel. that is some good stuff. just for the record. hope no one has a probleam with producing any web sights here. couse this is what we all need to learn if we are going to do what we do. and wont to show it to the new comers. and are friends.or just take better pictuers to show on this forum.( seems like one thing leads to another right) learning now. cool your friend Evie


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                        I have tried many different ways, sometimes they work and sometimes I am just not happy with the results.
                        I have a sheet of blue formica I use on the table a lot. But I think my lighting overhead may be some problem. I have tried turning off flourscent lights and using halegen, and have tried incendesent lights too.
                        Then my second way is to use a roll up window shade that is above the back of the table and pull it down to the front of the table to create the flowing backdrop. On the ceiling I have different length hooks to hang projects from.
                        I agree the color of the backdrop can make a big difference. But still the lighting and the hotspots ( glare areas ) are a problem with many projects.

                        I am always looking for more hints on how to get better pictures.
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                        Rick Hutcheson


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                          OK Rick. now i see the probleam , your shop is just way to clean. you really need more sawdust around to catch the lighting. and what is in the little can. on the tabale. and I can't see whats on the TV. just for the record. as a quilter. the blue thing is not the right color. can i sugjest a grey background. , and i can see you are doing your best. but alittle more dust would help. personaly some flooresant. lighting would be a good thing. and the back ground on that last project is too big for a small small project. I think one of your post is correct in zooming in. a try pod is helpfull , in a darker room . you are a funny guy after all , and i enjoy reading your post.
                          I am so glad you are here. and i hope you conseder us your family. we could learn from your exsperince. and hope you will stay to teach us. I am just kidding about most of this, except the grey thing. I have learned , that grey is a nutrale color. and brings out almost everything we do. your new friend Evie


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                            Like most of you I have tried all kinds of different ways to take pictures with mixed results. Some of my pictures taken indoors look terrible and I am almost ashamed to keep them while others turn out not half bad.
                            The best way I have found so far is to take them outdoors (weather permitting of course) . It needs to be a bright sunny day yet the picture is not actually taken with the sun shining on it. It is taken just around the corner up against a wall but in the shade and using no flash . Even in those conditions it produces a light shadow which I think compliments the photo. These pictures show the effects of having pretty even reproduction without too much in the way of light and dark areas and no shiny glare..

                            OH yes, I agree with Evie. Your shop is way too clean for taking pictures ;-) LOl ;-)

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                              WY , that is so awsum. you are the master for sure. I was wondering. I thought the dome clock had the same thing on the back. is that something that other scrollers did. ??? I guess i will have to stack cut huh. to get it to go around , to the back side too. that would take some planning i guess. more clock parts an all. I seen this done one time in a 4 time catagory.( you could stand anywhere at time , and move around the clock to get the other 4 times in are globe) .( It was on a turn tabale too. so it tured. )... someday I will do this. if , when i do , can i come to you for help?? this amoung other patterns. thanks for sharing this . your friend Evie


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