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New patern from Pedro

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    Mike leaving?

    Did I miss something?
    Who said anything about Mike leaving?


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      Kudos Pedro!

      Kudos Pedro!

      I spent years working in architecture and remember a competition we had back in college on bridges. Our completed project had to be an exact replica (to scale) of a particular style of bridge. Needless to say - ah man did I have nightmares for weeks after studying bridges.

      This pattern looks like an intricate challenge for fretters. I'd love to see someone complete the project!

      Take care


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        I got no problem with this thread at all. I love the bridge as well. It sure would look nice in the pages of SSW------------ sorry SWC hint hint Theres tons of great stuff on Pedros site, and he is a very helpful , intelligent man! Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          I work at a National Lab and we have an annual bridge building contest where the local high school kids build bridges and then they are judged by crushing them.
          The best strength to weight ratio wins. I should cut this design and then have it crushed.

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            Ouch Rolf! that is just being a glutton for punishement.

            I make it a policy never to burn or break bridges
            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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              I just have to say,( Pedro was not here). and He was not showing any thing on his link. I only seen a post that showed his last project. like we all do but,, buy a admire in his behalhavf. I love showing my work here to show what can be done with a scroll saw. and Mike was just showing that. buy a admirer in that. I have done so myself. I am so glad Mike did this. it just goes to show you that he is a admirer of the works like i do., he was not trying to sell anything. just show some work buy someone he knows. That just goes to show me . that he is one of us. even though he sells blades but loves the folks here and shows it. I just hate the folks that try to pull us apart. and add their own interpratation to what they see. I just love the folks in here that join in on the conversation. and someone has to cull them out like a lurker. trying to sell something. sorry I am alittle mad at some folks. and wish you would just join in or get over it. we do make mistakes. and just need a place to go and learn. we don't need to be put down. I think SSW has put up with the worst and the best. and welcomes us all , at there exspense sometimes. can't we just get along. I would rather be nice. but it just needs to end. darn it anyway. I love scrolling and wont to learn . don't know the laws. and learning now. but don't put are memmbers down. forever. like they are lurkers like you. Don't blob us . we will keep comeing back and will stick together. and Marcel I love that you are a monerator. you are doing great. sorry but i am alittle peed right now. and I love this group. and Kevin. you are on you toes. and I think you know what I meen. your doing great too. and I don't think you meant any harm. you are just need to know who your frineds are. that would be me. Evie, and others.


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                Well said, Evie!!!
                I don't think anyone could have said it any better.
                Now, lets scroll and have some fun!


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