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  • just a simple dragon

    this is a dragon door sign I made for a 7 year olds door, he picked the pattern and siad this is how he wanted it, if it had just been me I would have made it out of one complete piece. Made from 1/2 red oak and not stained but finished with a few coats of poly. I know the picture needs some help but I can only take with the camera I have and it seems it always makes one side of the picture brighter then the other no matter what the lighting is. Let me know what I could have done to make it better (the work not the photo).

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    Great Dragon there

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      Hi Wayne,

      The dragon is fine, I'm sure the kid must be very happy dad did this for him

      As for the picture :

      If your flash is on the right side of your camera:
      Try putting a tissue (Kleenex) folded in half (double layer) over the flash, it will diffuse the light some and probably help.
      You seem to be experiencing a parallax problem, where you are too close to your subject and the flash being off to the side illuminates the side it's on more than the opposite side (hope I'm making some sense).

      If your flash is on the left side of your camera:
      Take a good look at how you hold your camera, you are probably inadvertently covering part of your flash with your finger or knuckle, due to the way you hold your camera.

      Let me know if this helps

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        I'd say that if the customer (Kyle) is happy, and I'd bet that he is, then that's a job well done. The cutting looks very even, and that's a very "dragonly" font you chose to write his name.
        Good job, cowboy!


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          Great job on the dragon Wayne. I've sold tons of pieces, but nothing makes me feel better than the look from my sons or daughters or nieces when I give them a cutting.
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