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  • Where's Sharon

    I noticed Sharon hasn't posted in the last couple of weeks. I hope everything is Ok.
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    I agree Bob I hope she is doing well.
    It is amazing how much we miss our friends on here when they don't post for awhile.
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      How Come No One Misses Me ? Lol Rain Man


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        Virgin saw user
        by Hobie1dog
        i always research, read reviews, living on SS Income and paying rent, there's very little spending money. The only way I get money to buy things, is selling something I already own. I can't take a chance of buying something and being unhappy with it.
        Today, 11:02 PM
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        I bought a few new pieces of equipment last year. I researched the tar out of them. Kept putting it off. Debating. Convincing myself they were pure "wants", and definitely not needs. I got impulsive and then ordered a couple of things. Nearly cancelled the orders too, since they were...
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      • will8989
        Reply to Wood day
        Senior Member
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        I’m doing what’s on the cover of Woodworks and Crafts, Sept 2004, for a special customer. I’m going to use 1/2” wood and back with verigated grays for the background. I really love working with White oak and other quarter sawn wood. It makes beautiful baskets.
        Today, 03:11 PM
      • will8989
        Reply to Are you a thinker, over thinker or
        Senior Member
        by will8989
        Now that you mention it Rolf, he just said something about a Nova! Woodcraft doesn’t have the Rikon in stock but it is free delivery to the store, which isn’t too far from us. Next week, he will still be deciding.
        Scott, I’m with you. Sure is easy, and fun, spending their inheritance. Stay...
        Today, 03:05 PM
      • NC Scroller
        Reply to Are you a thinker, over thinker or
        NC Scroller
        Senior Member
        by NC Scroller
        At my stage in life, it is called spending the spending the kid's inheritance. The older I get the easier it is becoming.
        Today, 11:10 AM