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Take a bouquet! Tile #2

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  • Take a bouquet! Tile #2

    Here is a second tile I decided to do. I designed these little orchids a while ago seeing as we have grown a lot of orchids over the years. Anyway when I was playing around with a few of them on the weekend I found I could make a boquet of some of them on a quilt sized piece of ply. So I carried on and ended up with another quilt square. It sort of symbolises a boquet of thanks to all who have contributed.

    PS The orchids have been seriously depleted now and their space taken up with wood storage!
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    Cheers. Teresa .

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    you are always on the cutting edge with your work. Great Job!
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      That tile is BE-U-TY-FUL!!! Very well done. Dale'd better take and post GOOD pics
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        Great stuff!!

        Rhys H.


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          Very imaginative and attractive. Well done!

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            Looks really nice. Great job!

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              Just beautiful


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                Good job Teresa.
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                  Nice work Theresa

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                    Teresa, Very nice and unique! What type wood did you use here?

                    Oh, and thanks for the bouquet!

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                      Wood & orchid names

                      Thanks all for the kind words.

                      ozarkhillbilly - What type wood did you use here?

                      The top left (masdevallia) is Rewawera
                      The top centre one (oncidium) is Hinau,
                      The top right (cymbidium) is, who knows!
                      Lower right (paphiopedilum) is, who knows #2!
                      Middle on (zygopethulum) is also Rewawera, and the
                      Lower left is London Plane.
                      Stalks and leaves are all Pine.
                      One day at the supermarket I noticed that the wood slates on the grape packing crates were very thin and thought I might have a use for them one day. I asked if I could have some and they said I could have as many as I liked and took 3 or 4. I found several uses for them since but would you believe it, they don't send grapes in them any more!!! Anyway this is what the flower lips are made of with bits of Paua shell.

                      Now that you have managed to get your tongue around those names you might be able to sound a bit 'in the know' if you visit an orchid show! LOL.

                      Which reminds me of something. When our oldest daughter was at secondary school she and I decided we could both do with a bit of vocab building and we came up with some curly words for each other to remember and even till this day, some 12 years later, we ask each other on occassion "now what was that word i told you to remember?" One I had to remember was echinoderm, and she had to remember ascocentrum (of course, another orchid name!). Cheers!
                      Cheers. Teresa .


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                        WOW, my brain is smoking now!! Thanks for the lesson.
                        Dale w/ yella saws


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