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  • Patterns on CD?

    When it comes to purchasing patterns, would you prefer to have them in a book / magazine format or on a CD to print out when you want them?
    I prefer hardcopy, in book or magazine format.
    I prefer CD, easier to store.
    I prefer to download patterns from online.
    I have no preference.

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    the Magazines are better for me cause you have them right there ,just pull out the patterns and away you go ,but the cds do have their good side with being able to print them out whenever your ready for them and as well taking up less space than the book or magazine ,then there is a few that dont have printers ,kinda half and half lol

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      I really don't have a preference in how I get the actual patterns. I usually scan my patterns into my computer and print out a working copy anyways. If it's already on the computer it saves time when I want to find someting to scroll.

      Patterns from a magazine are probably the best because there are some good pictures showing the different steps in cutting and finishing (and sometimes assembly). I also really enjoy reading what the designer has to say about how the pattern came to be. There's usually a good story behind every nice pattern.

      Patterns on CD or downloaded are also good because they don't take up as much room as a stack of magazines. But if you don't routinely back them up it could be disasterous, as I recently found out for myself.

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        I don't really have a preference, if it is a good pattern is all that matters to me. I can see the pros and cons of different media, cds take less space then magazines and books, books and magazines have the information about the pattern and some how tos written in. But really all I want is a good pattern and what format it is in doesn't really matter.

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          I much prefer a CD just for storage space. With one caution.

          Since the majority of the people only have printers that work with regular (8 12/ X 11) or legal size paper. The patterns need to be able to be printed on that size paper. It's no fun to have to run your CD to a Kinko's every time you want to print a larger pattern. This can be a little more work for the designer, or a little more work for the customer. Being a customer, I will naturally vote that someone else do any extra work that is needed.


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            I agree with Wayne and Jim I don't care where the original comes from as long as it is a good pattern. When purchasing I would like to be able to download the file, I have no patience waiting a week for a pattern to arrive.
            I scan all of my patterns and keep them on my hard drive (and backed up on CD) That allows me to put an assortment of patterns on one piece of paper (ornaments). If I have a large pattern to print I put it on a memory stick and print it at work or Staples or Kinko.Most of my patterns fit on 8x10 paper.
            I bought a couple of great CD's of Volker Arnold designs from Tom Sevy, the CD had the pattern and pictures of the finished project very nice.

            My wife bought me a database software designed for the scroller.( it is based on MS Access) I am putting a few patterns in to it every night.
            I have so many patterns now that the database should help me find something when I want it.
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              I prefer to download: instant gratification.

              I can then burn them to CD if I so desire, and I do for backup purposes.

              The problem with printed patterns is the size. I have a bunch of them that don't fit my scanner (11x14 max) and can't be scanned for storage. I don't want to use the original, so I'll have to get them copied and pay extra for that (it sucks).

              I wish the printed patterns were printed 11X14 or 8X10 so that they could be scanned and then resized when printed or, even better, create a subscriber's section requiring login/authentification and make the patterns available online to subscribers in pdf format then everyone would be happy (BobD, Shannon do you hear me?).

              As for the information accompanying the paterns in magazines, it can be put in a ".pdf" format file easily (colour and all), and that can be printed also if reaquired.

              So a zip file containing both the pattern and a pdf instruction file would be the best.

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                I use all t he methods but prefer CD. As for printing out patterns larger than a sheet of paper, I use Rapid Resizer. I've printed out patterns up to 42" by 36" with it. Yes, it takes some time to line up and tape all the sheets of paper together, but it surew beats finding a BIG copier!!!

                And I really h ope this poll means you and your partner are going to release some a pattern collection -I really like most of your work!!!!!!
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                  I'm a bibliophile; I love books best of all. I'll take patterns any way I can get them though, with one caveat--how long will CDs be with us? I look at my stack of records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, betamax tapes, vcr tapes...etc...not to mention game gives me paranoia.


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                    I prefer the ability to buy just one pattern, preferably downloadable but I tend to shy away from "collections." There are a few folks who's patterns I would've bought individual patterns from but they only offered CD's with a bunch for way too much money.

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                      I prefer magazines with books coming in a close second. However, I don't like books that don't have pictures of all the finished projects.
                      All my patterns are scanned into the computer using Rapid Resizer, and I can print them out any size I want and with red cutting lines, which makes them easier to see against the blade.
                      If a pattern is too large to fit on my scanner I'll have it fotocopied in a reduced size, then scan it in and have Rapid Resizer print it in the original size. I don't mind taping the various sheets together.
                      I just recently bought a set of three pattern CDs over the Internet. Luckily they were on sale because I did not find one single pattern on them I like well enough to bother cutting it. Maybe I'll put them on eBay. LOL



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                        I am a (big word that magpie said) book person, and yes I like patterns any way I can get them, but I like having a paper master copy that I can latch my dirty fingers on, and I can lose and search three days for it to find it when needed DAMHIKT . I am to computer stupid to have patterns stored in files, perhaps that plays into it as well. Dale
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                          I have no preference other then it be a pattern I like and would want to cut.

                          I have never bought any on CD, and can't see myself ever doing so for the very reason Kevin stated. I tend to get my patterns one at a time other then the collection that comes with each issue of SSW.

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                            Like gudrun45, I prefer magazines and books. I feel if they only come in on CD or download from the internet then the bigger projects couldn't be printed without having to piecing them together. I just don't think the accuracy would be there. OK I'll admit it I am an Engineer and accuracy is important to me, but still....

                            So with said, BobD if you decide to go with a CD option, just keep it that way, an option.


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                              I would prefer a CD & pull out. That way I don't have to take large patterns to Kinko's to duplicat. I can just use the one that came with the magazine. Then later if I want to do the pattern again... I can print it out.


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