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  • Marketing in your local area

    As most of you know I have a favorite charity that my scroll saw work is used as a medim for my fund raising activities.
    Over the past year I was able to achieve my goal and have learned some things that I would like to pass on to you as possable activities for your goals.

    1. take one or two cuttings with you wherever you go, even shopping. I set the cuttings up in the 'childs seat' of the shopping cart and you would be amazed at the reaction. Several 'custom portraits' were ordered when I explained what I do.

    2. Check with your local Cafe, coffee shop, diner, etc. See if you can put up a display. I currently have 5 locations that display my work and I sell 2,3 to as many as 10 during a month. Since it is for a fundraiser most are happy to only take $5 commission reguardless of selling price.

    3. The same goes for your Doctors, Dentist, Barber, Beauty Parlor,etc. office.
    Offer to rotate your display every month so not only is your work fresh but so is the office.

    4. Is someone in your city government retiring? Make a portrait to give at the retirement party.

    5. Most businesses, city and county goverment offices have some type of 'award' dinner at the end of the year or season.
    Suggest personal name plates with some type of seal, local attraction or some significant addition to the name plate.

    6. ALWAYS have your business card or sticker with your contact information on each piece.

    7. Get local PR from your area newspaper by writing a 'Press Release' of yourself with some 'newsworthy' information. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn.

    8. Does your local bars have pool, dart, video game, etc. tournements? Offer to make trophies.

    Those are just some of the ideas that worked for me over this past year. Yes, I charge for all the above. The only work that I did not charge for are when donating a work for another fund raising effort and when I did some portraits for TV News personalities and sent them. But they were shown on live TV and my name got out.

    Hope some of these ideas help you.


    Old Dust

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    Jhon (old dust). the one an most empotant one is the one. you give. without getting found out. that will give you the most. dose this make any sence to you. your friend Evie


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      I know my spell check don't work but I do not understand your reply. Please clear up.

      I am talking about fund raising.


      Old Dust


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        sorry John. I didn't read fund raising. I am mistaken. i thought you said charity.sorry. your friend Evie got it


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          Those are great suggestions, John. Thanks for the tips .

          There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
          (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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