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  • My quilt piece

    At last I'm getting this photos business sorted out!!! I think!

    Anyway here's my piece. I finished it a while ago but wainted for the guy who gave me permission to do it,view it first. Because it is a company logo I made sure I had the right permission and then he sent me some line drawings for it. One of the conditions for using it was to acknowledge who provided the design seeing it is a regisistered logo. So I decided to put it where it could be seen so as I covered myself completely - hope it doen't distract from the work too much. (I just didn't want anyone else seeing it and copying it without the same permission.)

    It is my very first piece of Intarsia and I did have fun doing it. the arms ad face is NZ rimu, the beak??? and the shirt and cap is silky oak. It is on a piece of Gaboon ply. When I committed to a square all I could think of was to do this piece (nothing else seemed appropriate to me.) Anyway hope you all think it's OK.
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    Cheers. Teresa .

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    Let me be the first to say Good job mate!

    I've yet to try doing any intarsia, but I'd say you did great, better yet, you said it yourself you had fun doing it!

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      EXCELLENT job Theresa! That is just perfect. Good on ya.......
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        Great job Theresa.
        Delta P-20


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          It looks great Teresa ... just love it!!

          Rhys H.


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            Nice work Teresa.

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              Great job Theresa! What a terrific idea too!

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                That's the spitting image of the owner of our local hardware store!

                What a witty design, and so nicely made, Teresa.

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                  Right nice

                  Little Flower-

                  Well done. You have done a beautiful job. Now this quilt will really be international.


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                    Teresa! Its great!!! I love it! Dale
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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                      That is fine work, with a local flavor.

                      I like it, this quilt will definitely reflect it's multi-culturality.

                      Nicely done, and good subject,
                      DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                        This quilt is going to be very international!
                        Great job Theresa
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                          Teresa are little flower. that is just great. I love the differant woods you used. the shirt is a kick. love how you tured the grain. like stripes.on such a small tile. you sure got it all in there. that must have taken some planning. you did good girl. also where did you get caboon ply. never heard of that. now thats some pretty stuff. wish we could get that here. I could do some stuff with that. your friend Evie


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                            Thanks all for the kind comments.

                            Evie: (where did you get caboon ply. never heard of that. now thats some pretty stuff. wish we could get that here.)

                            It's from a NZ company. look up
                            Cheers. Teresa .


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                              Thank you Teresa, I put that link in to my favorites. I'll be looking into that. thanks. your friend Evie


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