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my first attempt, please be nice

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  • my first attempt, please be nice

    well here it is, my first attempt at making some sawdust and hoping my finished product is not just designer firewood. Here are the details as I know someone will ask...1/2 Solid red oak, cut on a craftsman 18 inch model 21609, using cheap craftsman blades unsure of the size since the package didn't give a size, Finished with Cabot natural stain. This is a gift for a friend who has been teaching school for 16 years. now open for all to critique and le me know what I can do to improve. I chose this not only as a gift but as somethng that I thought had several aspects I wanted to try, such as lettering, curved lines, straight lines, and I chose the wood because I like red oak...

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    Well partner, you did it all in one whack didn't you? Lettering, hard wood, curved/straight lines, etc. I have to say you did a good job, especially for an initial attempt. Looks good and I bet she is proud of it. Keep up the good work. I look for great things from you in future.
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      Well done, Wayne !

      I'm sure my first piece wasn't as good as that .

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        Wayne nice job.
        I also did my first one out of red oak, I don't know if I did as good of a job cutting as you did, because I broke mine while cutting it so I throw it away.

        Keep up the good work

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          Good job Wayne,
          I still have trouble cutting red oak, but you did a great job!
          Delta P-20


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            Great work!

            Oak can be a chore sometimes, but it looks so good when it is done.
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              Congratulations Wayne! Looks good indeed. It's interesting how many of us it seems cut our first projects our of red oak, mine was of a coyote from a Patrick Spielman book.
              So what all did you learn from this piece?
              We all look forward to seeing more from you, so go make some sawdust!


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                Well I must say Wayne, that's a fine pile of sawdust you have there!! Outstanding for your first attempt. I still don't like red oak, so anyone who can saw that without slinging it against the wall has my respect!!! Excellent!!

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                  yup, i agree, it looks great from here too! Dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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                    A pretty good first effort! Now you have got the bug - keep going!
                    Cheers. Teresa .


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                      It looks great from here, too. I still find that sometimes red oak tries to get the blade to follow it's grain instead of the pattern lines. But it is so purty when finished. Looks like you got'er licked.


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                        thank for all the kind words, what all did I learn form this project? well I learned how addicting this scroll saw can be.....I have already cut 3 more pieces and will be posting them up here soon for your critique. I really enjoy seeing the wood become something, it is very rewarding, reminds me of my years in the Navy making parts for ships, subs and aircraft out of steel. although with this being different I am making new friends here as well.

                        thanks again for the kind words,
                        You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus...Mark Twain


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                          Hey Wayne,

                          Nice job.

                          Now you've set expectations high for some

                          But be assured, we will enjoy looking at all you do.

                          DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                            Great Work
                            "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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