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  • More 99 store fundraising stuff

    I have added 3 more of my fundraising projects that I get for 99 cents at the (DA!) 99 cent store, then add some scroll work.

    The first are backscratchers/backrubbers of bamboo that I have scrolled "His, Hers, Mine" on and sell each for $4-$7. If they want their name cut in then $8-$10. Each cost me 99 Cents.

    The next are a set of bamboo plate liners that I buy for 99 cents for a package of 4. Sell for $3 each or 4 for $10.

    The last is a "Memories" clock that I pay 99 cents for.
    This is my demonstration clock with me and my wifes picture and some of the grandkids. Just to show.

    I sell the clock with a kit of instructions that contains 4 cut-out frames & a battery. The instructions basically show how to remove the glass front, cut their favorite pix to size and glue onto face of clock. Sells for $20-$25. Extrea frames $1.

    The batteries are only 4 for 99 cents too at the 'store'.

    Hope this feeds some thoughts for you that do fundraising projects.


    Old Dust
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    Old Dust; I must say you certaintly have an imanigation! I often look for items that can be reused and or recycled,that someone is throwing out to turn into projects. Looks like your on to something. Bob
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