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question about holding my pattern to the wood

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  • question about holding my pattern to the wood

    I am just wondering if anyone here has ever used rubber cement to gluse a pattern to the wood before cutting? I have several cans lying around and would prefer to use up what I have on hand before spending more money on a better method. if anyone has used it does it affect the color or looks of the wood when removed? I AM looking at my first project to be made of 1/2 red oak and the board I have has beautiful color so I do not want to affect that with my method of holding down the pattern. any input positive or negative would be appreciated.

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    Wayne, I haven't heard of anyone using rubber cement for patterns. The word "cement" kind of scares me, though. I would test it on a piece of scrap wood first. I would also us tape (the blue painters tape) on the wood then try pasting the pattern to it. Good luck with it! Let us know how it works out.
    Dan H

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      I should think the surface would be rather bumpy. I don't think you could get a thin enough layer of cement to have it smooth enough to cut. I would worry about the blade getting gummed up, as well.


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        Rubber cement was used by scrollers to hold patterns all the time before 3M77 and other modern spray and temporary glues came around.

        You shouldn't have any problem with it affecting you wood colour but, to be on the safe side, try some on a scrap piece first.

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          Rubber cement

          Cover your wood with Blue painters tape first, then put the pattern on that.
          I agree with Marcel try it on scrap first to make sure the pattern sticks well and if you don't use tape that it doesn't screw up your wood.
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            rubber cement works good I use it for small pieces fo patterns .


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              HI Cowboy, concider the coust of your wood and pattern. I would agree, practice on a scrap. then try some of the other glues. try them also on a scrap. I use 3m spray on glues. an I have alot to learn , but that works for me. cut them out , and see how easy it is to get off. I use minirale spirits. leave it on for a few minuts . comes right off. your friend Evie


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                I have used masking tape, the cheepest you can fine (it is thinner so you can see the grain thru it). I got a bunch at Big Lots 2 for a dollar, bought all they had and keep looking for more. You cover the entire piece with the 2 inch or 1 1/2 inch tape. Then spray the pattern and immediately apply it to the tape covered wood. I very seldom have a problem with the pattern coming off, before or after I want it to. I use a very light spray of 3M.
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                  I do use rubber cement. Sometimes use masking tape underneath.Seems to work for me, used to get the small bottles at the dollar store, but an office supply has a quart for around $5.00. Bob
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                    I use to use it, but I spray them now. I use the spray I get at Walmart. But sometimes I don't get enough on, as I spray light or may leave it too long before putting the pattern on. Then if some starts to lift, before I have got all done, I just put a little rubber cement on it and go on. When done you can't tell where I used the spray or the cement.


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                      decided not to use rubber cement

                      well after reading all this and thinking on it I finally decided what to try, I used blue masking tape then attached the pattern to that using a glue stick ( the little round roll out type and then put clear scotch tape over that seemed to work for me and no pattern lifting up I guess I will keep doing it that way, seems to work for me and that is really what counts....right?
                      You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus...Mark Twain


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