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  • Finished at last!

    Checkout my Ferris wheel in the gallery. P L E A S E ! After sooooo many hours cutting I tell everyone it's compulsory viewing, ha, ha.

    On a thread a while back I wrote that I mainly like cutting small things as they are much easier for me to handle with my limited arm reach so when I decided to make this project I had a few sleepless nights thinking I had really bitten off more than I could chew. However being one who never gives up without a battle I made myself cope and I'm so pleased I did!

    I counted EVERY hour from the time I started i.e from laying the pattern, cutting, sanding, oiling and then spray finishing, assembling.. I tallied up over 90 hours and used at least 4 dozen blades.

    I cut it on my Delta which was quite a challenge when threading for the inner circle cuts on the wheel as there is not a lot of room on the Delta to lift the piece up. Very, very, awkward process. I started out with a false cutting table about 12inch sq made of MDF and ended with one double that size so that the whole wheel was supported all the time, especially while cutting the most outer edges. This helped me heaps.

    The ply was a very light pinkish colour called Baboon which ended up going quite dark after oiling. I decided to brush oil it to make sure I got in all the cuts. Previously I had stained the base and ramp with a walnut stain and had quite a nice contrast between that and the fencing and wheel but lost that contrast when I done the staining. In some ways that dissapointed me a bit because I didn't expect the colour to change so much. However in spite of saying that I'm still so rapt that I have managed to complete the project, especially seeing as I didn't have to seek help with the last couple of rows as I had first imagined I might. In fact they ended up being the slightly easier rows to cut! I also inserted a music box under the base so can wind that up before turning it on to give it a neat effect.

    When I decided to do this a friend also decided to make one and so we done it stage by stage together. All the time we laughed and wondered who was pushing who to keep going which was great encouragement. If you have a scrolling friend close by you may also want to consider doing a project stage by stage together. There are many rewards in doing this!
    Cheers. Teresa .

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    For those of you who don't want to scour the galleries, Teresa's Ferris wheel is here.

    It's magnificent!

    Teresa, you've got a model to be proud of. It's a testament to your undoubted skill. All those struts are a consistent thickness, something which many scrollers find very hard to achieve. There are no 'fuzzies' or splinters which can arise when the cutting technique is uncertain, the saw is improperly set up or the wood is an inferior grade. You must have soooo much patience to be able to scroll all that detail! I'm very impressed .

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      That is AWESOME WORK!

      Congrats on some very nice cutting.

      If I may make a suggestion, everything being so symetrical made one thing jump out: the two screws holding the ferris wheel at the base are not at the same height. Maybe make them darker (a brown felt pen?) so that they don't contrast so much? This does not lessen the beauty of the fretwork, I just find it distracting.

      Definitely a piece to be proud of.

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        Theresa, Congratulations of completion of a very impressive piece. It looks so very nice. Now that I have started scrolling and know what it is like to change blades for those cuts, I have an even greater appreciation for work like this.
        How much fun that you have a friend that will do this with you!
        Thanks for sharing,


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          Teresa's Ferris wheel

          BEAUTIFUL work, I can appreciate the patience that it took to complete a project of this scale.
          I agree with Marcel about the metal bits. I would make some nice wooden caps for the screws and the ferris wheel shaft nuts.
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            WOW, that is amazing.We are all very proud that you have created such a work of art!
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              Good Lord, Teresa...........That's worthy of worship!



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                Teresa, you did a wonderful job on the ferris wheel. Did you hook up a motor to it?
                I was going to cut that out at one time but never got around to it.

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                  OMG! It looks wonderful! This is one of those projects that from the first time I saw one I was awe struck, and thought to myself, hey maybe one day I will TRY that, congratulations on finishing it and doing a wonderful job!!

                  You should be proud!

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                    holy crap now thats scrollin kep ya busy ??



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                      Tereasa. WOW WOW WOW That for SURE, is a master piece. You go girl. I don't think I have done anything that diffacult yet. Wow. I know what you mean about pondering over it for a while , I do a lot of fretting way before I get to my saw on some of my projets. You wont be satisfied with small things now. lol. and the next one will be even easyer. WELL maybe not. Mine get more chalanging all the time. I couldn't see what the heck Marcel saw. but it really took my breath away. Your friend Evie


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                        Originally posted by Greenfield_Bob
                        Teresa, you did a wonderful job on the ferris wheel. Did you hook up a motor to it?

                        Yes Bob, it does have a motor. I even found the perfect size little porcelane dolls to fit in each carriage and one for the ticket box. I even made a wee fretwork chair for her to sit on in the box. The little dolls are dressed beautifully just as one would imagine little girls going to a fair in days gone by. I'm taking it to school next week and will display it in the Library for all the kiddies to come a see. Then it will be on its first official showing, with Allans one, at our Woodworker Guild's Open Day on 14 May. You may notice from the pattern that I have made mine to face the opposite way - that has been purely done for the spot it is sitting in my lounge.
                        Cheers. Teresa .


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                          Tereasa. could we see some pictures of the people too. good job. good luck with your showing. I bet folks will wont you to make them one. lol. your friend Evie


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                            Teresa, that is beautiful!!! This afternoon after lunch, why dont you cut me out one of those! Ill order the hardware for it! Then after work tomarrow, I can assemble it and have one too!!!!!
                            Very nice, your efforts well worth it. Dont you have a tip on hiding the power source??? dale
                            Dale w/ yella saws


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                              Congratulations on a wonderful job done.



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