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  • our first project

    Husband and I worked together on our first project. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the same time. Gave it away as a housewarming gift for a new cottage/vacation home.

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    Impressive and beautiful. I love it!!! I wont be having a housewarming party anytime soon, but I do have space on the wall where I would proudly display that!!! Great looking project, your off on the right foot! Thanks for posting that. dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Thanks for sharing! That is an awesome and thoughtful project/gift!

      P.S. I'm moving next year and will have lots of wall space....
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        That's fabulous! The whole picture looks so natural that it's hard to tell where the paint stops and the wood grain begins.

        It's lovely to see scrollwork being melded into other arts and crafts without losing its own essential characteristics. This is a prime example of how SSW magazine could integrate another craft into scrolling without compromising the woodwork element.

        What sort of paints and what sort of finish did you use on this project?

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          I'm counting seven layers, is that about right?
          How thick are they?

          And I am very curious about the colouring technique you employed on the Deers,
          can you provide details please?


          DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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            Thank you so much everyone! The pattern is from "Making Dimensional Wood Plaques" from Patrick Speilman and Robert Hyde. The frame is from 1 x 2 x 8 oak. The background is painted on a 1/4" oak plywood, and the layers are 1/8" oak veneer from the local cabinet shop, but the birch trees are from 1/8" baltic birch plywood from same shop.
            Marcel, you are correct. There are seven layers. The hardest part of the layering is that you have to cut out everything and then paint it separately, then layout all the layers so you know where everything fits, then pull off the layers and try to remember where you had all the pieces. Some of the pieces have little shims of veneer under them for support.
            For painting-birch trees are wood burned lines. The rest is painted with just typical acrylic craft paint from hobby store that I already had on hand. The deer I put Watco Danish Oil Natural on first before painting. They only have just a little paint for the shadows, lines, and detail work. The finish is about 4-6 coats of satin spray, but wanted more sheen on the frame so painted that with satin polyurethane.
            Different thing about this project is that you have to make the frame first and the rest after, or nothing fits. We actually worked on two different ones at the same time, in order to hide that we were working on the present when neighbors came over. When I can get pictures of the other one, we will post it.
            Thanks again for all your nice comments. This has sure become an addicting and fun hobby.


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              You did an especially good jog detailing the highlights in the trees. Very natural. Great job!

              -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                Great job you two! I really like the deer and the tree's.
                Once again so much to do, and so little time to do it in.

                DeWalt 788

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                  you really did great on this one. I like how you did the wood burning on the aspins. my kind of trees. being from colorado my self. those are my favorits. I could almost touch the dear. But my favorite thing would be the fraim. that is not easy , and you did a great job. you are a great teem. you and your hubby. what would we be without them. looks like you both have alot of skill. keep up the good work. but then i say , ( behind evey good scrollsaw. is a good women) lol. your freind Evie


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