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piture frame pattern prob. iss.223

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  • piture frame pattern prob. iss.223

    Does anyone else have a problem with the fretwork frame pattern in the summer 2006 issue? I made a copy of the pattern (main frame outline.)I started to cut it out and noticed that the left side did not match the right. It looked like the pattern had moved while I was scanning it. Especially dead center on the bottom half. an example is a half round shape on the left half is an oblong shape on the right. several of these errors. Anyhow I was going to calibate my scanner but noticed it is on my original!
    The pullout pattern for this project has several mistakes on the one I have and it is really noticable and cannot be used! It appears it is only on this piece of the pattern, but that is the main part that is what everyone would examine. It's a shame since I really liked this one. Do others have this problem?
    I know this one is fretwork, but I also wish it had been done as a line-art pattern. most fretwork picture patterns you can use a spiral blade and it won't show if you go off a line a little. But this is more like a scrolled pattern than a fretwork picture and requires more control. If it had lines in the pattern I personally would be able to control my cuts better (just seems weird to cut out the white portion of the pattern...just my opinion.)
    Ed B.
    btw...also love the lamps pat. in this issue!!!

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    Pattern Errors

    ED...I just checked the pull-out for the picture frame. At first glance I didn't notice anything but on close inspection I did see a few minor glitches. They're not "glaring errors" however, at least on my copy, and can easily be corrected with pen and ink changes on your scanned copy. I think it's still a nice pattern "as is" and when cut the small differences won't be obvious. Even if the pattern was absolutely perfect there are very few of us capable of cutting a perfect project from it. Unless your copy has printing errors that don't appear in mine I'd go ahead and cut it. I think you'll be happy with the results.
    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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      Thanks for the feedback Ed; we got that pattern in house, scanned it in, and went from there; I never even noticed the asymetrical sides! We went through and checked the mortis and tenons--we knew that would be very frustrating if those didn't match up, but I never even noticed that part of the pattern.

      I will check these things from now on and this won't happen again! I just stare at these patterns for so long that I sometimes miss things like that. With all the problems with measurements that we've had in recent issues, I made it my goal to check and double check ALL the pattern measurements, but I missed this one. This is another thing to add to my checklist!



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        errors 2

        Originally posted by Neal Moore
        They're not "glaring errors" however, at least on my copy, and can easily be corrected with pen and ink changes on your scanned copy
        That's exactly what I did do. corrected a few errors with pen and stencil... but the more you cut, the more you notice the shapes on each side doesn't match. One side will be sharp or end in a point and the other that should match is rounded. You are correct about no one being able to cut it precisely, but that makes the pattern errors even more noticable! My small differences in cuts exaggerate the different shapes on each half so much so, they look nothing alike. I really like the looks of this project, so I may redraw it myself so I can cut one.
        Thanks for the reply.
        Ed B.


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