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  • SSW Magazine Re-design

    If you've gotten your newest issue of SSW (Summer 2006) and read the Editor's Letter, you'll see that we are amping up for a magazine re-design. I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts on that were.


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    Hmmm, a re-design huh?

    Well, since I don't have an issue and it usually takes sometime for it to get to me here in Ontario.... what do you have planned for the re-design Bob?

    New faces? New columns? New layout? New styles of projects?

    Curious now....


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      Originally posted by BobD
      If you've gotten your newest issue of SSW (Summer 2006) and read the Editor's Letter, you'll see that we are amping up for a magazine re-design. I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts on that were.

      I have heard that you are also changing the name of the Magazine... is that true?


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        I don't want to steal Shannon's thunder...but a little preview...
        We're changing the masthead on the magazine to make it a little more readable--and changing the name to Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts...Scroll Saw Workshop doesn't mean much for a non-scroller who is looking at the magazine on the newsstand.

        We're also changing fonts to make things a little more readable and cleaner. We're also making some editorial and layout changes--to make better use of space--and get in more information at the same time!

        We've been building a great group of designers and crafters, but we're always looking for more (such as Tom Wahl, who has reccently introduced himself here). So it will be a mix of fresh and famaliar faces.

        So...when you get your issue, be sure to read Shannon's Editor's Letter!!!!



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          Be verrry careful!

          Hi Bob,
          I understand that you have to do this sort of thing periodically to keep the magazine fresh and attractive. But be very careful! You have an excellent magazine; wonderful, creative projects and articles that are worth rereading. Probably your best decision was to make it reader-driven.

          Don't mess with the content! Let it continue to develop based on readers' responses and their creativity.

          I'm sure SSW will continue to be an excellent magazine. I just get nervous when people start messing with a good thing. I haven't seen the summer issue yet; so maybe you are addressing all of this.



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            Don't worry Dan,
            We're not changing the content. We're just looking at how we lay things out. We waste ALOT of space repeating the same verbage...apply the pattern to the workpiece, drill blade entry holes, etc. We're planning to consolidate that, which will allow us to focus on new techniques and options for projects.

            To be honest, we've been making a lot of these tweaks for the last couple issues as far as layout and design--we're just going to launch the new masthead and new, more readable fonts!



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              I often thought it would be good to have a couple of pages in every issue that had the basics for new scrollers, The pattern attaching, blade threading, sanding etc. It could be followed by a page or two of tips and hints from the old dogs that know all That way everyone would look in that general area....a very good point for selling advertising.

              As for fonts I have my favorite ones. Times new roman isn't one of them LOL...No offence if thats what others like.

              I will say though, if there was any one change I would like in the magazine. it would be more issues
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                The magazine probably is ripe for a format change. It doesn't look tired yet, but the secret is to review it before it starts to look tired.

                Please be careful about putting too much emphasis on the 'crafts' side of things, though. A recent issue that featured wood burning wasn't of much interest to me because I like scrolling. If you have similar coverage of other crafts in the revamped magazine, I'll vote with my subscription. Right now, I'm fretting (sic) that we might be introduced to the joys of macrame or needlepoint or copper etching or...

                There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
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                  We're not changing anything inside at all--the same kinds of projects, etc., same designers...

                  The woodburning issue was a special issue dedicated to woodburning...we wouldn't do that all the time.

                  So the change in the magazine title is just for newsstand purposes (we're tring to get the magazine into craft stores such as Michaels and AC Moore, and their buyers are saying "but we don't have a scroll saw section." The crafts part is there to get us in the door and hopefully introduce more people to scrolling.

                  We're not changing from scrolling to sewing, or decopage, or any other craft--It's woodworkign and crafts with the scroll saw.

                  People, mistakenly in my opinion, consider scroll saw ornaments, etc. to be crafts while saying that the large clocks, etc. is woodworking...we cater to both and want to show that!

                  Make sense?



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                    I don't mind the woodburning, carving or even copper etching.... etc. As long as it can be shared how I can apply and enhance my scroll pieces.


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                      I don't see too many projects in SSW that aren't cut out using a scroll saw, hence, the name of the magazine Scroll Saw Workshop. However many items in the magazine would include a "crafts" category and are sold in "Craft" galleries.

                      I think we need occassional articles on woodburning, carving, may be using rotary tools as these are used to shape or enhance the items that we have scrolled. Don't change the content or mix of articles in the magazine, but, you know that I vote for more issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Count me in as well by voting with my subscription. I dropped my subscription to the "other" mag because they went to "crafty" for me and away from my basic interest in scrollsawing.

                        When a special interest magazine starts to moves away from its origin it does give reason for concern especially when it's not published monthly. Like was said above, the woodburning article was of some interest to me but, I think the space in the magazine could have been put to better use.


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                          To be honest, the biggest thing we are going to change is the fonts...making it so you can read those itty, bitty fractions better. We're not changing our article mix, or our designers, or moving away from woodworking. Since we are consolidating a lot of the basic information in one section, it's going to give us a lot more room for scroll saw jigs (as a preview, Dennis Simmons has come up with a great little jig to cut accurate miters on a scroll saw in our next issue)...different ways to embellish your project, and new techniques.

                          I kinda see it set up like this:
                          1. Here is the basic project and its pattern
                          2. Here is a different option for using the same pattern
                          3. Here is a differnt variation of the project
                          4. Here is a new way to embellish the project
                          5. Here is a jig that makes it easier to cut this project.

                          So, like the coming features part of the issue says, we've got Tom Wahl's light box, CanadianScroller's Johan and the Whale Puzzle, and a puzzle from Russell name a few...PSSSTTTT Gary Mackay also has another article on making boxes!



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                            Originally posted by gmackay
                            but, you know that I vote for more issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              I just saw the preview of issue 23!

                              WOW is it loaded! I can't beliee there is so much stuff crammed into one issue.

                              Now I will sit on my front porch every day till the mailman brings it.
                              I like the fact it comes in an envelope. I have had other publications delayed while the carrier reads them cover to cover.
                              CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                              "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                              Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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