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Eyes for segmentation and intarsia

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  • Eyes for segmentation and intarsia

    I have a panda segmentation pattern that I want to make eyes from a small piece of 1/8" dowel. The wood will be 1/4" BB that I will paint. My question is, do you drill the hole for the eyes 1/8" and force the dowel piece in , drill a little larger hole and glue the eye dowel or is there another way to do it?


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    When in doubt test on scrap. Odds are I think your dowel will be a bit smaller than 1/8 so a 1/8 hole might be ok. I'd just drill a small hole in your cupborads and see how the dowel fits. In any event I'd still suggest glueing it in. Apply the glue to the dowel and push it in from the back. That way your seepage will be on the back of your project. You might even avoid the first 1/32 of the dowel so your eyes can protrude a bit.

    Just rambling suggestions.
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      I agree with what was just advised. Drill your hole 1/8th. Your dowel should fit tightly in that hole, if too tight, sand the dowel lightly. I'm getting excited about intarsia again just by following your panda questions. Thank you for getting my creative juices flowing, it just goes to show, your questions help inspire us without you even realizing it. Thanks again, Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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