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  • yet another, last project. picture

    Hi all. here is another picture.this was cut from a pattern design buy John Nelson , it is called the Victorian Mirror. but I made it into a photo frame ,and added a backing.I also added the molding around the pictuer to hold the pictuers, and glass in. I just love the way the red paint brings out the fretwork on the front. I made it for my husband, thats him with the BIG Trout and his fishing buddys. I am one of them , but this was a personale thing. my Fish was just wayyyyy to big to get into the frame. lol just kidding.any way here it is. your friend Evie ps forgot to add. this has apro. 660 holes
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    WOW that is a jaw dropper!
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      Evie, that is just so impressive! With that many piercing cuts, I hope you stack cut several.

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        Evie. WOW I don't think I have the patience to drill 660 holes much less drill them accurately and then scroll the frame. I agree that backer board really brings out the fretwork. Without it, I think it would just fade into the wall.
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          very impressive!!!!!!,nice work


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            AWESOME Work :-) :-)

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              Wow, that is just awesome.

              Paul S.


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                Girl can you ever scroll!!!

                I'm sorry, about the familiarity of my remark but that's how strong an impression that piece of work made on me.

                I'm usually a stickler for correct spelling, but in your case you just convinced me that I'm willing to ignore it all and read anything, and everything you write. Although I'm new to this forum, and this hobby, you keep amazing me with the complexity and quality of your work ( and your friendliness, I might add). I am humbled by you, and am willing to learn anything you have to teach.

                What you have shown in the last weeks is all beyond me. You've got to have some amazing dexterity developed, and the patience of an angel to do those pieces.

                Thank-you for sharing your gift with us.

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                  Super work evie --- Girlfriend how long have you been scrolling you are super
                  your friend



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                    wow Marcel. that was a very nice thing to say. I never could spell. even the spell check, can not, figure out what I am trying to spell. Now that is bad. I have a dictionary in front of me now. but still have trouble finding the words sometimes. I was a straight F student in school, but could build anything, and figure out how to do just about anything. I can sing and play the guitar and piano. but get lost in the books. I can also grow a mean gardon, breack horses, and doctor most anything, in barn yard critters. I quilt, embroider,make cloths, and toys.
                    My Husbond is a master carpenter, and calls me eagle eye, for I can see something that is off square buy 1/16 of a inch . I lay carpet, roof, frame, do color coating, textuering, and paint. even tune up my own truck, I do my own pluming and some electricale. the list goes on. BUT just can't spell worth a lick. but it does mean alot to me to be here. and shar the one thing i do love the most, and that is woodworking. ( out side my family that is.)
                    I just wont to thank you all for letting me brag on my woodwork, and shar in these post. i think I am learning how to spell alittle better as well .
                    I hope this is ok to shar this in this thread. if not its ok to edit me . thanks for all your kind words, and putting up with my spelling. your friend Evie


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                      Spell Cheque

                      The previous message was posted here was meant as a joke. I am sorry I ruffled feathers but may I say "That's tough, take in the sprit it was intended."
                      Last edited by ChuckD; 04-03-2006, 01:02 AM.
                      Chuck D

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                        Evie your spelling is readable to me -- besides if someone doesn't like the way you spell tell them to just sskip over your inputs -- but I was just wondering since your last reply gave me a hint -- have you ever been checked for dislexicia? that would explain a lot of your trouble on the spelling part -- but any way it goes you are a great lady and I am proud to be able to call you a friend ---


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                          The heck with the spelling, Evie's scrolling can run circles around a lot of people on this forum. All I can say about your frame is WOW....

                          While it may be funny to a few, making fun of people who are here to show their work and share with others might make them uncomfortable and they could stop posting. I sincerely hope that's not the case. Evie, you do BEAUTIFUL work. I couldn't care less about spelling. Your work says it all. Keep on sharing with us.



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                            That is some scrolling Evie! After seeing that I have to admit I just don't understand why you are unsure about your ability to contribute to the quilt.
                            Cheers. Teresa .


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                              I have to say that Chuck's post above is not in the spirit of this forum.

                              Rhys H.


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