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    Hello, I'm new to this, so I hope this works. I'm wondering if any members have tried the new EX 21 saw yet. I've read some reviews but would like to read more about what people have to say about the saw. Thanks in advance,

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    I too am thinking about buying an Ex21 saw. You beat me to the question. I hope thoes with these saws will help us out and respond. For me the purchase price of the Ex21 merits some consideration. I know Spyco in Texas has a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee but, the shipping costs to return this saw could be pretty high.


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      Well the man who started me scrolling bought one. He loves it and uses it even more than his RBI Hawk. He did have a problem with the on off switch when he first got it. The dust got inside and it stopped working.

      He took the saw back to the store, and nothing was wrong with it. it worked everytime. Thats kind of like the toothache and the dentist thing.
      I will have to visit him and see if I can try it.

      He loves it though and has been scrolling for many many years.
      So long that some of his projects are now petrified!
      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
      Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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        Ive messed with the Excal. at a couple scrollsaw events last year. It seems like a decent saw to me. I wasnt to fond of the system used to tilt the head, for scrolling accurate angles, it just doesnt seem to be that precise.Ihave a small benchtop ryobi tablesaw with a tilting system a lot like that on the EX21 and it too isnt very accurate. The saws at the shows though, have probably been handled by hundreds of people, and bounced back and forth from show to show, so maybe they arent as finely tuned as one fresh from the box.I also didnt think their speed adjusting knob was much to be proud of. Its location is good,but its just a tiny knob to turn. Other then that, I liked the saw. You know, in early August you can come to the Midwest Scrollsaw Trade Show in Richland Center, try out one of those purple saws, and you might save yourself the shipping fees! dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Lucky788, Thanks for the reply. I would really enjoy coming to the show but work schedule doesn't permit. Purchase price aside, after you had tried an Ex21 at a couple of shows, and had to choose between your 788 and the Ex21 which one would you take? Tony


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            Response to EX21 scrollsaw feedback request

            I see where two of you are asking about user feedback for the EX21.

            I bought my first scrollsaw 5 months ago. It is the EX21. By being a guest on this forum for some time (I just joined yesterday) I realised the versatility that must be required in a saw to do the various types of scrolled art we find in this forum. My first venture into scrolling has been to do some intarsia and my EX21 has met all of my needs and more! As I venture into othe facets of scrolling I hope it will be equally effective. I decided to make the investment expecting ease of operation, quality work and no down time to be the payback.

            Some of its features that I really like are:
            1) A huge well polished table.
            2) Extremely easy blade changing. I have never broken a blade yet!
            3) Perfectly vertical cut - intarsia pieces mate perfectly at 90 degrees.
            4) Very low vibration. I have the base bolted to a piece of partical board. That sits on a piece of carpet underlay (1/4 inch thick) and then that sits on my worktable (not bolted). It has not moved at all.
            5) The bellows is long enough to blow dust away from you and not at you.
            6) The upper arm stays up while threading blades through holes. I have used this a few times for internal intarsia cuts. If I venture into portraits I see this as being a huge feature.
            7) It has a 5 year warranty (less if you do production). Only maintenance is to check the brushes per user manual. I took it out of the box and began scrolling. Never had a problem.
            8) The head tilts both ways to 45 degrees. Table stays flat. I find this provides me better control of the cut by not having to fight gravity.
            9) All controls are up front. The on/off sw has a small rubber boot over it and the tension control is very large and precise.
            10) The variable speed has a wide range. It is not calibrated, but this is not a hinderance to me. I use colored stick on dots for a couple of mid range speeds I use.

            You asked for a users opinion. Those are the key features that have helped make me a satisfied newbie to this hobby of scrolling.

            Scrolling satisfies the passion for intricate creativity. My saw is an Excalibur EX21.


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              Without a doubt, dollar for dollar, I would take home another Dewalt.And , no dollars involved, I would still pick the yella one, mainly because the heavy table and the speed adjustment knob deal. For me, I dont cut many bevels on my scrollsaw, but when I do, I need them accurate and I think with this saw I would still be using my dummy block (A piece already cut with the angle I want, placed against the blade) because I would be afraid of the accuracy of the tilting adjustment parts.I think its a good saw, and a great concept, but I think a few more details should have been looked at more closely.I am partial to a yellow saw,but I dont think its the best saw there is. I will admit, I would be cautious to make certain I got one that didnt have the bad part in it thats giving so many grief on instaling blades if I needed to purchase another one right now. If anyone is interested, I have heard the ones Grizzly and Grainger have in stock do not have that bad wedge thing. Bobs posting gives the purple saw a thumbs up, and I will to, if compared to 3/4ths of the saws on the market. The main concerns should be vibration, blade changeing ease, location of controls,warranty, and price (in my opinion), and the purple saw really isnt lacking in any of those. (sorry I refer to them by color, buts thats just how Im used to it!)With either saw, you will be happy!
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                To Everyone, Thank you all for your information, experiences and insights. I have one of the newer 788's with the blade problem. While it is workable with blade sizes about #5 and larger it does take a bit of fiddling aroung when clamping the smaller blades. I think it is a good practice to double-check the table/blade angle just before angle cutting and when returning the table back to level. I enjoy doing work with fine veining lines and at this time the saw is an experience in furtility and frustration. I think it will be a good saw once the DW people straighten out this problem. But, I'm still keeping my 'options' open. While purple just isn't one of my more favorite colors if the saw performs then that's all that counts. Thanks again y'all. Tony


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                  it sounds like a few sick days in early august for you, and your free to go to the tradeshow !!!! dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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