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  • last project pic

    thought you would like to see my last project. I finaly got to get back on my saw. blade wabale and all. just finished it . your friend Evie
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    Very nice work


    That is a wonderful piece. What did you do on the bottom. It sppears to have some texture? Is that a veneer?

    Mike C.


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      Evie-- Now that is my kind of scrolling-- your work is beautiful ..
      PS To bad we can't get those types of patterns in the magazines..
      hint hint --bob


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        That is beautiful, you are a very talented craftsperson.
        Delta P-20


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          That's gorgeous, Evie. I bet everyone who sees it is very impressed.

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            Its beautiful Evie! Just one great project after another, keep it up!!


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              That is so beautiful. The more I learn about this, the more I appreciate the time and work that goes into these pieces. Thank you for sharing.


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                Evie, every time you post a project it is better than the last. You are really showing both the newbies and the experienced scrollers what can be done.
                Keep up that awesome work.
                CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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        's beautiful!!! I too would like to know what the bottom is made from. It looks like a beautifully grained piece of wood from what I could see. The craftsmanship ( or craftswomanship ) is great!!!
                  If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                    Thanks all. you are all to kind. but gosh i bet you all cut some pretty stuff too. wish i could see them , for i could give you the uou aas you deserve. this was out of wildwoods disigns. woops dont have the #. but here is another one. Timber Lace Company 2128, Gilroy, ca.95021-2128
                    Designed by: Julia Meader. Pattern no. TL095
                    this was made in my Black , ( Dale will kill me for my spelling hahah) Arcacia. wood. and the bottom was milled to 1/8 and enbeded into the sides with a 1/8 grove about a tabale saw blade wigth. belive it or not the pattern was easy. ( rely Smitty,) but the wood is a bear to cut. but i do love the differant colors it has. I have another one to post tomarrow or the next day. a pictuer frame i have been grooling over. with 660 holes. finaly got it finished cutting and stained and hanging out to dry. thank you all for your nice words. I wish more of the 3000 memmbers would post some of their pictuers . it would so inspier me. good or bad, it is good for all of us to see. I love to make pretty things for myself and friends. and thats why i do this. please post your projects. I would love to see them. don't let me be the only one here. to get all the fun stuff. your friend Evie


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                      Id never kill ya hun, you were really acacia !! Dale
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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