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  • Flapper Wheel

    Where can I buy a fludder/flapper wheel?

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    Livy--not sure what you really want. There all kinds of "flutter" and "flapper" wheels out there. Some require their own motor, but others will fit a drill press and/or power drill. Suggest you look at the sites listed to the left under "Other Great Sites" and click on "Retailers". Many of those listed--Rockler, Woodworker's Supply, Klingspore's, etc offer sanding wheels. Locally, you can usually find one at either Lowe's or Home Depot. Sometimes Sears will have one. Hope this helps.
    Old Mooner


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      Hi Livy,

      Like Mooner said try Rockler or or check out this site


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        try RJR Studios or Klingspor
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Flutter Wheel

          What I am looking for is something to clean out the fret work on crosses and small items. The one I found was in Fun & Easy Scroll Saw Projects by Patrick Spielman on page 157. Not sure if that's what I need or not.


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            Try I just got their catalog...lot's of stuff. I was impressed. Bob
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              Sanding wheels


              If you are looking for a great sanding "flap wheel" have a look at the "BlowFly" - it's only just come onto the market - an Aussie product!!!

              Tony Ward


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                Flapper Wheel

                I'm not sure that you want to use a flapper wheel to clean out the inside of fretwork. You will lose all your sharp edges as the flapper wheel will tend to "round over" anything with corners. If you use a reverse tooth blade you should wind up with a pretty clean cut on both sides that will require only minimal light sanding on the back side of the work to remove any "fuzzies" that remain. Flapper wheels are generally used to soften the look of a piece on which you don't want "hard" edges. You generally want nice crisp edges on fretwork. Then again....maybe I don't totally understand exactly what you're wanting to do and I'm giving you poor advice!!! But my heart's in the right place.
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                  Im thinking with neal on this. on fine fretwork, a flapwheel could easily rip it apart to, after all them hours of cutting, I wouldnt want that to happen.
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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