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Charity Auction (quilt dimensions, etc.)

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  • we all have email. Maybe we could have a standard form and just fill in the blanks?
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    • Originally posted by BobD
      I'm of two minds of this...

      Some people are sending little written statements for me to glue to the back of each square after I attach it to the backing board...others haven't. for those who have not, I'm planning on just having my wife burn their name in the back with a woodburner. Those who provide a description of their work, I'll glue on the back and then clear-coat over the whole thing to lock it in place.

      Any thought?



      I like the idea and will attach a description for each of my 2 cuttings. I just about to send them in.

      One of mind is a fretwork and not much left to woodburn.
      Should I glue a backing on it or what?

      I also like Carl's idea about a form to fill in.

      See you at the Open House.


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      • WOW Hobby, that is fantastic. So simple looking yet so elegant!!! Ok guys, here's one more last thought on raising money on the quilt. We talked about one thing except raffle tickets! I know when I go to a quilt show I always buy $5 or $10 worth of tickets!!! If you had 5000 printed and sold them for $1 each or 6 for $5 it would bring in lots of money! The tickets could say the benefit goes to Shriner's Hospital. What do you think? The drawing would be at the end of the day on Saturday and the winner announced in the next issue. Perhaps, somewhere in Fox Chapel's budget is something that would allow them to pay for the printing of the tickets? They could have on them "courtesy of Fox Chapel". Well, it's a thought!!

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        • Well I have finished my square now, just need to cut it down the the 5"x5" size and post it over.

          Only Robinson Crusoe could get everything done by Friday!!


          • Finished my 2 quilt squares and only need to mail it to BobD.

            My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


            • Evie-

              You can see my finished here or in the Scroller Galleries under my name.


              My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


              • BOb. i am withdrawing my tiles from the quilt. good luck my friends.I know you will do great. just dont know the laws on this , and don't wont to get in any more troubale. wish i could be there. but maybe its for the best. gardoning is good too. love yas. always. your friend Evie


                • Hi Evie

                  You, my friend, are over-reacting. Get cutting tiles. All the patterns you have can be used to make these tiles. Some pattern designers might stipulate that the patterns are for personal use only; if you decide to make something and give it away, that's personal use. There is no point in having a pattern if you can't use it the way you want to, and pattern designers recognise this. So do lawyers. They might get upset if the pattern was sold with an express prohibition against using it for commercial purposes and you knocked off 250 to sell on Ebay, but that's not what you're doing.

                  Now, get back to the workshop and start making some of your beautiful pieces without worrying about the law. If you don't, you'll be letting down Bob (who's gone to a lot of trouble to organise this project), the other members of the forum (who would be aggrieved if you pulled out of the team), and the little children who the Shriners help.

                  If it will set your mind at rest, I'll design a pattern just for you. Then you'll be able to use it freely, either in this project or to mass produce and make yourself a billionaire (yeah... right ). Just let me know. However, you don't need anyone to make you a pattern - what you need is someone to give you a friendly telling off!

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                  • C'mon Evie. Listen to Gill (gee, maybe I'll "withdraw" so she' ll offer to make me a pattern! Hmmmmm) Get out in the shop, pull out a piece of wood from the box I sent you and do what you do better than most - SCROLL girl, for the kids......and for your friends here.
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                    • My friend Evie

                      Hi Evie,

                      I tried to send this to you as a PM, but was told you did not accept them

                      I don't know how to put this delicately, so here goes:

                      DON'T WITHDRAW YOUR PARTICIPATION!!!

                      It doesn't matter where your patterns are from: You are not selling, distributing or giving away the pattern, and you are not selling the final product, so don't worry: You are not infringing any copyrights, nor is anyone that is participating in this project.

                      Plus I would really like to see the general reaction if someone tried to object to any tile in this quilt, after all it's for sick kids, not profit.

                      Don't let the crap that happened this week with Marsha's request dampen your enthusiasm, I know you are better than that . You did nothing wrong, and if I had the pattern she requested I would simply have scanned it and sent it to her as I believed her when she said she had purchased it before.

                      A lot of your friends are counting on you to participate, so don't let them or me down because a couple of people think they are more Catholic than the Pope.

                      Your friend,
                      DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                      NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


                      • First to Evie. I dont understand why you have gone to this extreme. There are sick, hurting children grasping for any hope of life, and cant do anything about it except pray for the kindness and generosity of complete strangers (we ARE strange, arent we?) to do simple things to help them in their quest for a somewhat normal life. What do you think would happen if one of the thousands of children would just quit, just give up on trying . It would be a tragedy, not only for that child, but everyone that childs life has touched, his mom, dad, maybe siblings, gramma, and maybe grampa that wants to one day take the sick child fishing with him. Giving up is no way to do justice to anyone, not to Fox Chapel,not to your family here at SSW that welcomed you in with loving arms, not to all the other contributors, not to YOU, and mostly not to the poor children , innocent, just wishing they had even half of the oppertunities you and I have. Dont let the kids down hunny, its not fair to them.
                        And, dont sit on the sidelines being a lurker in here. You are as much a part of this forum as anyone else, continue to offer advice , ask questions, or even just post a friendly hello. Its no fun sitting on the sidelines, and not participating. Again, think of it this way, how many kids that go through the Shriners hospitals sit on the sidelines because they can not participate? A lot, not by choice either,but do they enjoy that? Do you think if any one of those children were given the oppertunity to sit at a scrollsaw and do their part to help save an innocent childs life, that they would say "screw it, I'll withdraw, I'll go take the sidelines, who cares anyways????????????????" Think about it hun.

                        And to Marcel, ***because a couple of people think they are more Catholic than the Pope*** Was that comment justified, called for, or of any help at all to anybody? For an admin, I think that was posted in very bad taste, and has no place on this discussion.Rick did not condemn anyone, he was trying to explain copyrights, and the laws around it. Dale
                        Dale w/ yella saws


                        • Need a new sticky for quilt info

                          Just wanted to say that as a newcomer to the board, the guidelines for the charity quilt project are a bit hard to follow.

                          It's a great idea that deserves some attention. How about a new sub-forum (to which the old quilt threads could be moved) with a nice big sticky at the top describing the project, instructions for submissions, and how to make donations, buy tickets, etc., to try to win the finished project? Maybe that last part hasn't been worked out yet, but I sure would like a crack at winning it!



                          • Also, to really look like a quilt in terms of size, the finished article should be at least 40" X 60", IMO, and 80" X 100" would be really stunning!

                            So that's approximately 96 to 320 squares. Even bigger would be better! Got to get those submissions rolling, and bring in some lurkers, of which there appear to be many. Suggestion: put submitters' screen names on the backs of the pieces.

                            I would commit to a couple of squares, but first have to figure out how to turn on my saw!



                            • Another suggestion (just trying to pump my post count, folks):

                              How about a separate, prominently displayed, section in the photo galleries for quilt squares? This might help to get creative juices flowing, promote the raffle, etc. Besides, they're fun to look at.



                              • Hmm, missed this discussion somehow from Evie.
                                Evie, there's absolutely no reason for you to withdraw from making these quilt squares. Dale and Gill (yep, I agree with Gill, mark your calendars ) said it best.
                                You are a valued member of this forum and I would hate to see 1 little faux pas (to keep the international thingy correct, for the French, that would be un petit gaffe) change that.

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