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Charity Auction (quilt dimensions, etc.)

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  • Charity Auction (quilt dimensions, etc.)

    Hey everyone...

    Over on the Wood Carving Illustrated forum, they've started a Friendship Cane which will be auctioned off for charity at the Fox Chapel Open House Sept. 29-30.

    I thought it might be fun to come up with a group project this board could put together and auction off as well.

    For those of you who have never heard of a friendship cane, each carver takes a 2" x 2" x 3" block with a 5/8"-diameter hole drilled through the 3" side. They carve that into anything they like, and the carvers usually exchange the segments. With a turned handle and base, and a 5/8"-diameter dowel through the center, when all the segments are assembled, you get a nice cane.

    Now for scrolling, I don't have an idea right off...Any thoughts? One that I though of would be each to scroll a puzzle piece, but if you were not EXACT, it wouldn't fit together...

    Anyone interested? And even more important, any ideas?


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    A puzzle would be fine or maybe something intarsia. Anything for a challenge and a good cause.
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      I was thinking of something where we all do a piece, and put it together...can we do that with a puzzle? I was thinking that it would be really cool because we would each use a different kind of wood, or finish it in a different let our personalities show through!



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        A quilt

        How about a wooden quilt. 8x8 squares, fretwork, intarsia, segmentation.
        All the stuff we love to do.

        Count me in
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          I like the 8 x 8 square idea. That way if all the cuts were confined within the square the whole thing would fit together nicely. Also , as Carl pointed out, everyone could do what they like best in the wood of choice. Just have to specify a standard thickness and hope we have enough participants so the completed quilt forms a square or rectangle.
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            Great Idea!

            Do you think that a standard thickness is an important issue? I'm thinking that a fretwork piece wouldn't need to be thick, but an intarsia or segmentation piece would need to be thicker...

            I can see mini versions of intarsia where the backboard would need to be 8" x 8" to fit into the quilt...but if some of the pieces are 3d would it detract from the simple fretwork?

            We could put the fretwork on spacers to give it some height before attaching it to the overall backerboard...

            any thoughts?



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              If the basic board was 8x8 by 1/4 BBply then the intarsia or segmentation could be added to that
              I am not sure on the mounting process, whether or not you would want a tongue and groove frame, like a paned window.
              This would certainly be good for the fretwork. You could even illuminate it from behind.

              There are so many variations. We could have a single theme, or maybe do something regional., thereby showing people where the pieces came from.
              Perhaps it could be an annual event, maybe a contest by Fox Chapel <grin> Sorry Bob not trying to make more work for you.
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                Would like to help

                Inland Empire scrollsaw association. Would like to know when this happens??
                and where do you send your piece to??? Let me know I`ll will get it in mail..


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                  I love this idea and where it's going! I too feel the 1/4 BB plywood would be a good basic board, and I like the theme aspect of it, I kinda lean towards the regional theme.
                  Anyway I'd sure like to be a part of it. What would the charity be towards?


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                    I have a couple of ideas that I would like to try. I would be up for making more than one square
                    I would like to see a set of guide lines presented.

                    I like the regional theme, but then it may exclude some people.
                    I think the back of the board should have a form glued to it with the particulars of the scroller who did the piece.

                    Their name, where they are from etc.

                    Maybe we should have a depth limit, 8x8x4 perhaps. It would help with shipping and with assembly. I would love to see an article done about the finished project in SSW, maybe with little cameos of the scrollers who contributed. That would be great incentive to have people contribute.

                    I have seen a regional woodcarving guild do a quilt locally and it is now displayed in our library, it is very impressive.
                    There are many things that can be done, people could stain or paint pieces, pyrography, fretwork, layered projects, marquetry, intarsia, segmentation, portraits, jigsaw puzzles of different species of wood, corian, glass, acrylic.

                    OK I better go before I get carried away.
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                      I&quot;m In!

                      Great idea. I like the "square", do your own thing thought . 8'" X 8" seems reasonable as well, that allows for 9 squares per 2' square.

                      Not sure I understand Carl's 8X8X4 - does that mean 4" thick?????

                      If this is pursued, we should take note of what we learned in the ornament swap and factor that in - we had a 20% "no show" rate then (4 out of 5 followed thru), but it was a small sample size.......

                      Again, great idea.
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                        Hey I vote for the Quilt idea-- if it is on that type count me in too. I would love to do a quilt square and please post pictures of it for us to see that can't make the open house.


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                          You know you can count me in. I think the 8 by 8 is great, but I wouldnt think it being just 8 by 8 inches of 1/4 bb ply. I would suggest an 8 by 8 in cutters choice of wood, but stick with a general thickness. And yes, hope for all the contributors to come through, but plan realistically. Count me in though! Carl comes up with some great ideas, I think the ideas he's tossed into the discussion here all seem pretty realistically possible, Except that 8 by 8 by 4 inches thing, thats got me confused as well, Im assuming it was meant to be 1/4 inch. My question is, who will assemble the parts to join them as a quilt, and how will that be done? Dale
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                            Well the 8x8x4 was for intarsia, shows you how much intarsia I have done LOL
                            I was actually thinking of a maximum of 2 inches thick, but metric and imperial always confuse me.
                            I was just thinking you don't want something that is huge yet still has an 8x8 base.

                            So now I will sit in the corner and look at rulers till I can get the measurements right!!!!
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                              BTW...I've got my ornaments done and will be shipping them out I admit--I'm the 20%...Sorry!!!

                              These are all great ideas...I'll sit down and try to figure out some more specific guidelines--and there WILL be an article in SSW on it! Either in the area where we review the open house or News and Notes.

                              Does anyone have a charity suggestion? Fox Chapel supports an orphanage in a third world country, but I'm open to any suggestions. Last year's friendship cane benefited the Red Cross after the hurricanes...

                              I'll try to post some general guidelines by the end of the day.



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