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Scorpion pattern and material..??

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  • Scorpion pattern and material..??

    Got a few questions for the experts.

    I and trying to come up with some nice personal sig items for Geocaching.

    Basically, I want to make some small (under 2"?) round coins, with a scorpion on them.

    1. Does anyone have a good scorpion pattern..?? Something that will have details even under 2" will great, but feel free to tell me about anything ya can think of...

    2. I am hoping to use an interesting material to make my items seem more appealing. I haven't worked with much besides wood.

    Thank you for any thoughts...SK

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    Only because you asked for any thoughts, I am voicing MHO:

    You didn't mention your skill level at the scroll saw. Any medallion type fretwork 2 inches or under is difficult, but the legs of a scorpion would be at the expert level at that size. (The legs would break during cutting since they are so small and thin.)

    Maybe a solid wooden medallion with a carved scorpion? But that is the sister forum Wood Carving Illustrated.

    If you had the skill, and the time for the hobby, you could make the small fretwork medallions or image figurines out of soft metal like brass or silver. But at 2 inches or less, that just might be in the range of jewelry making.

    But to the main reason I posted back, I presume you have a day job. My limited knowledge of 'GeoCatching' is it is for young people with too much time on their hands, WAY too much time. Since I wish for more time just for scroll sawing and you are talking about 2 time consuming hobbies, how are you going to time manage that? Please let me know!


    Edit: Sorry, that was to be GeoCacheing not GeoCatching.
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      You might find some clip art that could be adapted into a suitable pattern by googling images for Scorpio or Clipart Scorpio.

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        look for Tattoo Flash art with a google image search. There is so much tribal style art out there you won't have a problem.
        here are a few I found in no time.
        Wood would be my first choice, but you may want to try old CDs the rainbow pattern is nice.
        If you are feeling adventurous the pletters of old hard drives are a great metal to scroll, The color looks like platinum, They would look expensive but you can often get old hard drives from garage sales for pennies.
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          Hi Canadian Scroller,
          I am curious about your last post regarding Hard Drive platters. Have you ever cut them and how easy are they to cut? I work with computers and can get more of these platters than a person could cut. It sounds intriquing, but have never tried them.
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            Hey Carl--- how would you know what a hard drive platter is --It sounds cool and I thunkeded that when a platter would be inlayed with scrollwork-Wouldn't thaat be awsome.. But I have no idea what a hard drive platter looks like so I can ask around for my son to be on the look out for me ..Even wonder how the old CDs would look --hummmmm I wonder......


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              I have no idea what you are talking about as Geocaching, but I get the idea that you want to make some small, unique item to give away in large numbers - is that right?
              You may be able to scroll the fatter parts of a great design, and use pyrography (the artistic version of plain ole woodburning) to put in details (as well as a signature, date, or whatever)
              A laser engraver would be another possibility (they will also cut thin stock), but you'd have to have a very good day job to afford one of those. Scrolled would have a more personal, hand-made look and feel - depends on your intent and your budget.


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                Hard drive platters are very hard, you would need a metal cutting blade.
                I have not cut any but my son has engraved them.

                They look a lot like this years Olympic medals
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                  GeoCaching is logging locations of "Caches" using a GPS unit. These caches have little trinkets that others who have found the cache have left--you take a trinket and leave a trinket.

                  It's somethign I want to try, but I haven't ponied up for the GPS unit yet.



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                    Thanks Bob.
                    I'm so glad we have a hep youngster such as you here for our guidance.
                    Sounds a lot like what scouting called "orienteering", except that we used compasses.
                    Sounds like fun - I hope you get to try it - I hear that the GPS devices are coming down in price.


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