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  • DW788 Blade Attaching Help

    Just a note to help thoes that have a new DW788 saw with the minimum blade clearance problem where the blade just barely fits into the clamps. A lot of you may already be doing this but, to the new saw owners with this problem this technique may be of some help.

    When attaching a new blade first either wipe the sides of the blade ends with paint thinner or rough-up the sides of the ends with sandpaper (180-220 grit). This removes any preservative oil from the blade so that the screws will grip and hold the blade from slipping when under tension. Now attach the blade to the TOP clamp FIRST and, 'top feed' the blade into your projects' entry hole and, then attach the blade to the bottom clamp firmly.

    By attaching the blade to the top clamp first you can actually see into the blade slot and place the tip of the blade exactly a very little past the top of the holding screw. Then all you have to do is to "feel" the bottom end of the blade into the slot and tighten the thumbscrew. At least this way you stand a "fighting chance" until DeWalt can find a cure to this frustrating problem.
    Good luck!

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