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The Great Blade Debate

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  • The Great Blade Debate

    It’s been interesting to watch the discussion on blades (or lack thereof) on this forum. It seems that whenever a brand of blade is mentioned, things get out of hand and I’m afraid that folks are afraid to even bring the subject up.

    That’s actually a real shame. Blade selection is one of the biggest questions that beginners (or even experienced) scrollers have. That’s the whole reason for this forum – to share information and OPINIONS. Everyone should be able to say what type of blade they like or prefer. It is after all a matter of personal choice.

    To try to put things into perspective – I’m going to use a food example. (Mainly because everyone eats and I’m hoping you can understand my viewpoint without bringing any specific brand of blade into the conversation.)

    Now I’m not a chef. In fact – I hate to cook. My husband cooks at our house. I can burn water. So I’m not saying that I’m an expert in the matter, but I do like to eat and I have definite opinions about what I like. I like chicken. I eat chicken all the time. We’ll go out to Red Lobster and I’ll order chicken. That’s not to say that beef or fish are bad. They are not inferior to chicken – they just aren’t my personal preference. So when I say that I like chicken – I won’t bring up the fact that I think chicken is better than beef. I won’t even mention beef at all. I’ll just tell you the reasons that I like chicken. I may even share a good restaurant that serves an excellent lemon chicken. I may go as far as saying that the local grocery store is having a really good sale on boneless chicken breasts. Does that mean that beef is bad? No! Hey I like beef too… and pork. You can’t make pork and sauerkraut with chicken. Personally I hate fish. But there’s no reason to bash fish publicly. Some people love fish. In fact I’m sure that some people like fish better than chicken. Those fish lovers have just as much right to share their opinions as us chicken lovers. They can even share good restaurants or let other folks know when the grocery store is having a good sale on orange roughy. That doesn’t make them bad people.

    If everyone preferred the same meat – or blade – the world would be a pretty dull place. (not to mention the poor chickens – how could they ever keep up with demand?) I think it’s important for people to feel comfortable enough on this forum to share their opinions. I do ask that you keep your opinions positive and factual. Before you post your opinion, ask yourself if you would say that same thing if speaking directly face to face. It’s often easy to hide behind a screen name, knowing that you will never meet in person. Having the right to voice your opinion does not give you the right to hurt someone’s feelings or degrade their character. This message board is supposed to be a FUN place to share ideas and tips. When people are posting to be spiteful or malicious, the value of the board as a whole suffers. Think of the new members of the board – maybe they were raised as vegetarians and have never tried chicken or fish! They would like to know what other people with more experience think, but if the environment isn’t friendly and accepting, they will probably never ask.

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    Thanks for the post Shannon, well said.

    I love the analogy, I am going to quote you out of context now because thats what men do, we hear what we want and drop the rest.
    Originally posted by Shannon
    ....If everyone preferred the same meat – or blade – the world would be a pretty dull place.
    Thanks again
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Timely and well put .. thanks.

      Rhys H.


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        I agree
        Thank you for posting that.

        Delta P-20 & Q-3

        I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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          Well said.


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            I never use chickens.....they're too hard to keep in the blade clamps and won't take very much tension. Additionally, every one I ever saw was pretty dull.
            If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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              Good posting Shannon, except one thing..... What would your husband think when he reads that thread and sees hes married to a chicken lover? Will he think you are calling him a chicken? LOL
              Its nice to see you posting on here, I wish we would see more posts from you, and maybe even a few photos of your scrolling! Dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                How right you are, Neal. I prefer to use conventional blades because they're much easier to handle. I just open a packet, take one out, and clamp it into the saw. It really slows you down when you have to run around the chicken coop and trap a chicken before you can start scrolling. I also find that the blades not only cut better, but they don't make such an adverse impact on egg production.

                Also, I've had a lot of difficulty threading my chickens through pierced work. Perhaps I ought to try grouse instead - they're a lot smaller. Added to which, it's not unusual to hear the odd grouse in my workshop.

                There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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                  Our Scrollsaw Club is currently calling/asking blade manufacturer's to send us Demo's that the whole club can try. We are going to do a camparison test to see which blades we like the best. We've (the club) have had lengthy discussions about what is best and decided to break it down.

                  I think of it much like musical taste. I like country music and I don't like Rapp. But that does not mean that Country Music is right and Rapp is wrong. It is just a matter of preference. I believe the blade question often comes down to the very same thing.

                  (by-the-way... I do prefer Flying Dutchman, but Olson is right up there. I just think I get a better 'bang' for my buck from FD.)


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                    for Gill

                    Gill, your problem is you are threading the chicken through the hole backwards. Insert the business end of the chicken through the hole so the feathers lay down!!! Geez, gotta tell some people everything!!!!! Dale
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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                      A good post, Shannon. It sure is easy to stick with the same diet when you find you like it whereas a bit of experimentation of other diets doesn't hurt from time to time. (But I DO like chicken best!)
                      Cheers. Teresa .


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                        I am just getting into scroll sawing and really enjoy the threads about blades. Living in Taiwan the selection is pretty bad. The local B&Q (British Home Depot) has a selection of plane end bladed but who ever ordered them bought all 5 1/2" blades. The price for these runs about $13.00 US for 1 doz. The are a few pin end blades but small selection. Same price. So, that being said, I have to order them from the US.
                        Keep up the good posts.
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                          hahahahahahah I am so dying laughin here. you guys are too much.
                          Shannon, I have thought the same thing, what dose it matter, who is the best. there aren't any , at first i did have my favorite blades, but as i saw on i have found i like them all and hate them all at times lol. but then,,, even thow, i don't like arguing or fighting. a good chicken fight once in a while keeps things in balance. I just hope we can all stay good buddies, welcome. ps, wish my hubby cooked, that way i could spend more time scrolling. your new friend Evie


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                            Grizz... Sorry to contadict you but Country IS right and rapp Is wrong.

                            To the ones who are using chickens for blades, you can eliminate the wrap with 2" packing tape because your blade will already be lubricated.

                            Shannon, I'm just funnin. You made a great point, plus I've never seen a piece of meat or vegetable I wouldn't eat. Well maybe a couple but that's just because of the way they were prepared.



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