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Modeling and my scrollsaw

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  • Modeling and my scrollsaw

    Here are a few pics of a Dory I scratch built with the aid of my scroll saw, a little over 100 hours to finish this one. Its built at a 1"-1' scale and is 17" long.

    I'm afraid however that my model ship building has pretty much come to a end since being bitten by the scroll saw bug. Funny I bought my scroll saw to aid in my model building. Go figure. Oh, well I'm having way to much fun with my saw to care.

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    Hey Bill--That's neat. I have built a few "plank on frame" models in my time. I have one in the closet (the "Wasa") that I am trying to find the time to complete. What a lot of various talents we have on this forum.
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      That is so cool Bill __I wish I was smart enough to do the scale thingy-- But dumb as I am I have to have exact directions or a pattern- then I still mess it up --lol
      P.S. I just got plans on a toy train to build with a lot of cars I think that will be on my next project I am going to try -- I am about tired of just doing fretwork so I am going back to building and sawing for a while.. It still all ties in together but You can only do so many fretworks until you start to go crazy AND SEE PEOPLE MOWING THEIR YARD IN THE NUDE---


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        Love the model work Bill.

        I would love to see more people do that.
        The scroll saw is one of the most versatile tools.
        I don't think there is a project I wouldnt tackle, with the right blade
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