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  • Studying DW788

    Having spent nearly 2 yrs on my first saw (a Delta 16" ), I think I'm ready to take a small step forward.I've been contemplating purchasing the Dewalt 788 (influenced by their current $50.00 rebate offer).I've been looking at the Grizzley site and now notice they list two offers.One offer is the saw by itself -item # G4196.The other offer -item#H7414 includes the stand and light. The discriptions differ as follows: The H7414 mentions that hex wrench and blades are included.The other listing does not mention this. My questions are; are these the same saw? Is there a model with and without quick blade release system? Or are these the Type I and Type II models I've read about? If so,which is which? The very small difference in price with the accessories included has piqued my curiosity as to whether they are of equal quality.
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    Looks like the same saw to me. DeWalt only shows 1 DW788 on their website and it comes with blades and a hex wrench.

    Click on the "Buy now Online" on that page and compare prices while your there. Big difference between sellers. One of them is offering a refurbished saw for $399.00. and another shows the suggested industry prices for each part - totals over $900.00.
    The blade release system is a thunb screw on the top and bottom.
    I bought the package from Amazon two years ago and got some blades and wrenches with it. The first thing you do with the hex wrench is remove the blade guard and install the light!
    They must have gotten a special deal from DeWalt to offer it at $419.00. I'd get the package. I paid 399.00 for mine.
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      Get the package deal


      I own a 788 and it is great. I upgraded from a Delta 16" the SS250 model. I can say, buy the package. There is no difference between the two saws you saw. Woodbutcher68 is right about the first thing you do with the hex wrench is remove the blade guard and install the light.

      I bought the saw, stand, and light separately and will never regret it.


      My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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        Type 1 and Defective Type 2

        mad: 299t: The the only difference between the 788 Type 1 and Type 2 saw is that the Type 1 was made at the Sommerville plant in Canada for DeWalt. When DeWalt changed companies a few years ago to make their 788saws in Tiawan the saw designation changed to the Type 2.

        The problem is that with the current batch of Type 2 saws is that the tensioning wedge is being made incorrectly causing the distance between the blade holding thumb-screw clamps to be wider than what was originally specified by DeWalt.

        On my third factory replacement 788 saw since November the distance was so wide that I could not even get a standard 5" blade into the clamps and, had to take it into a factory service center to have it adjusted. The blade now just barely fits into the holders but, still not to the factory specifications.

        Please see my prior 2/21 post/s to this discussion group and, posts on Rich Hutcheson's site, at the end of his DeWalt Tune-Up section for more info re the issue.

        Sorry for the long post but, anyone thinking about buying a new DeWalt 788 at this time should be so advised that the're buying a defective product.


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          Type 2 DeWalt 788

          I'm in agreement with Tony after reading some of the problems people have encountered with the new 788's. I have a type 2 which I am perfectly happy with but it is from one of the earlier production runs. If possible you might steer away from buying one "mail order". It would be in your best interest if you could see the saw and check the table to ensure it's flat and that the blades fit and clamp as advertised. This seems to be the two big complaints about the saw currently. I hope DeWalt will resolve these problems because I think they were making a fine saw for the price (mid-range) that folks can afford. My saw has paid for itself at least five times over in the past three years. I'm also pleased to see the Diamond manufacturer here asking for input from our members regarding features they would like to see in a saw. It makes me feel as if they are really interested in providing a quality product to their customers. I'm not knocking DeWalt's product but I really don't see how their quality control can let defects of that magnitude get out the door of the factory, especially when the end user may be far from a repair/maintenance facility.
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            Neal: Good point about DeWalt's quality control - or lack thereof. I bought my first one at a Rockler store and, in a couple of weeks, I realized that the blade holders were too far apart. The Rockler store exchanged it for a new, factory fresh one. But, it too had the same problem. I took that one to the local DW factory service center but, they too could not adjust-out the problem and bent the blade arm by accident in the process. So, they authorized a brand new factory replacement that was UPS'd to my office. With this one I could not even get the blade attached to both holders because of the distance between the arms was too great. The DW service center did make the adjustment so that I could at least get the blade on (just barely). To add insult to injury, when I contacted DeWalt about this situation, they said they were aware of the problem and were begining to look in to it for a solution to the wrongly manufactured wedge. But, no correct replacement wedges are yet available.

            I'm not sure it makes a difference with these saws where you buy them because you will still need to take them to the factory service center for the adjustment. If you don't have an authorized service center near you, then you're in trouble.


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              I would like to throw my two-bits into the ring on the DW788. I purchased one the tail end of December, 2005. I have had nothing but grief in trying to clamp the blades into the machine. I have about 1/8" leeway here where there should be maybe 3/8" of better. You have to clamp the bottom just right or there is nothing for the top clamp to grab.
              I talked to DeWalt service twice on the telephone and a couple of times via email. They give me the song and dance that the "tension needs to be adjusted a bit by the service center nearest here". The local one has an exceedingly bad reputation and the next good full service station is 209 miles away.
              I brought up "the wedge". Their answer... "there may be some "slight" engineering differences in specifications".
              Other than this, I love the saw. Quiet. Easy to run. Better than my last three saw. But... that blade change is going to drive me nuts!


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                If it is under waranty, exchange it, and exchange it until they get the point, or after a couple tries, write a letter to the big shots at dewalt and let them know of your dissatisfaction, and be sure to mention that you are informing thousands of people daily online about your woes, and that customers make more sales than commercials, and it works both ways. If still you arent happy, then seek out a diffrent brand of saw all together. It shouldnt be this hard to get a good product. Im fortunate both of mine came pre-type2. It truly is a great saw. I hope they fix their problems soon, they are a big guy in the scrolling world, and their integrity is at stake. Just my rambling, Dale
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                  I was pretty lucky, I guess--I bought my Dewalt from Tool King and it's been great to me so far.
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                    I' glad your satisfied with your 788. You are lucky. Is it a Type 1 or 2?

                    Maybe you tell us exactly how much of the blade extends above and below the holding screws on your saw? You should have a min. of 1/4" past both ends of the screws and, be able to feel the blade top and bottom out past the alumn castings with your finger tips according to DeWalt.

                    My new Type 2 saw is just a little better than Dutch's after it went to a DW center for adjusting - but, not much. Thanks.


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                      I have about a half inch leeway past the screws on both ends but I can't feel the blades on either end--however, I just thought of this--these clamps may not be the original ones as Tool King sells refurbished saws. As for Type 1 or Type 2, I have no clue, how do you tell?


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                        The type 1 or type 2 is printed on the motor. Mine is a type 2, but, it must have been one of there first type 2s as I have no problems with clamping my blades or a warped table.



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                          I have a dw788 purchased it about 6 weeks ago . I have the same problem with the blade clamps . I called dw and talked to Larry he said they have had a number of comments on the issue. They are addressing it at this time , have no Field fix at this time but only appears to be an issue with ones made last year . I questioned about being made over seas and he said they have been made over seas for a number of years now but these are the first to have the alleged problem. He suggested that I call my local dewalt center in Toledo Ohio. I did so they claimed the saw has been bullet proof with only 5 788s worked on since 1997, but have had no complaints about spacing issue to date .


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