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Scroll saw table angle??

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    I thought my putting a 4 X 4 piece under the back legs of my Dewalt was worth a try to see if cutting would be easier.
    Now I couldn't do without it.
    Just wondering if I should play with different backleg elevations to improve it even more. Has anyone tried different angles?? I will measure and try 23 degrees as mentioned above.


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      Thank you, I built my own stand and needed some input. 2" should work.


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        Finished project, I did not have an extra piece of wood to practice on, I tried to glue up plywood to be the same thickness, I was not happy with the steam (2).jpg test so I just went ahead and set table angle where I thought it would work, I am very pleased with how this turned out thanks for any help dan


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          I have my Dewalt mounted onto an adjustable metal stand I made which after setting the table at different degrees of inclination I find 7 1/2" degrees to be fine for me. However before deciding on whatever angle you want to set the table you need to decide what seat height of stool or chair you want to sit on and what height the front upper surface of your saw table will be

          I'm 5ft 10" and my stool height from the ground is 25 1/2" and my saw table height is 38"

          At the end of the day I'd recommend you set the table tilt angle at between 8 - 10 degrees and juggle with these last 2 heights until you can get to a situation where you can work comfortably for at least an hour at the saw without getting a crick in your neck or feeling discomfort in your back and shoulders. Having an adjustable stool is a great help here to find your sweet spot.

          Your work turned out fine. Well done!

          For a slightly different effect maybe try wire brushing the burnt areas a little to show some of the grain of the wood. 😉
          Jim in Mexico

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