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    How's this for the title of a thread that makes everyone curious. Yes, it's another jigsaw puzzle, folks, but this one is weird (and somewhat diabolical). Taken from a calendar where the days of May 2005 appeared within the lower loop of the hose, I simply cut out all the background and left a 135-piece, snake-like puzzle.. It's about 16 inches high and still holds together when I pick it up by holding a side piece. I figure it's quite a chore to put together....but phun.

    It simply shows what a warped imagination can come up with. I think the individual pieces are visible enuf so I don't have to also post a picture of the back, but I will if you think it's helpful.

    As always, feel free to ask questions here or via email at [email protected]


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    That is just fantastic, Carter. Only an expert could make that it does not come apart when holding it up.
    Mike M
    SD Mike


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      Carter that is great. I bet it would a challange to put together.
      Thanks for the picture.

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        That is so cool!

        Now do one with a Fire Hose w/fireman putting out a fire.


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          that's just sick! (in a good way!)


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            thats to cool Carter


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              If you make one like a fire hose, I buy it. I have a lot of friends who are fireman and would love to donate one to the fire house.

              Mike M
              SD Mike


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                I have one word "WOW!" .

                OK more words. That is one unique puzzle, you are truly the man.


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                  Double Cutting

                  A friend of mine who knows a lot about puzzle cutting took a look at this Hose puzzle and said I should have "double cut" it. It means that I would have started by cutting the hose into a few pieces of, say, three inches. Then I would have stack-cut two at a time for a few connections, meaning that some pieces would be identical fits in two locations. The technique is perfectly applied to this kind of puzzle - but it drives the assembler absolutely nuts! Assuming he or she makes some wrong decisions, the hose ends up going every which way and not making key connections.

                  Mike, I don't have a fire hose picture, but I've made puzzles of fire trucks before.

                  Last edited by Carter-Johnson; 01-28-2006, 04:54 PM.


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                    Hi Carter

                    When I first saw the picture of your hosepipe jigsaw, I thought. 'That man's got a wicked streak in him' .

                    Then I read your post about stack cutting and thought, 'That man's in serious need of exorcism'!

                    Pure evil .

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                      I second that what Gill said -- and I may add that I bet you have a big toothy grind ( cheshire cat type ) just thinking about someone have to put that together --lol----I LOVE IT !!!!!!


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                        Just a - m - a - z - ing! Just goes to show how the pictures are all there - only need to have the eyes to see them!
                        Cheers. Teresa .


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                          Hose puzzle,

                          Great puzzle, how about submitting it or something like it to SSW for publication so that the rest of us can have some fun too!

                          Nicely done!
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                            Rolf -- Carter is a great guy to give step by step instructions on how to do it if you ask him - check his first post in this thread he gave his link and offered help to who ever wants it.


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