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  • Class for interested school students

    Where would one start if he were giving a class or maybe a demonstratio on scroll sawing for a library function. I recently had a display at a library ,had gotten a lot of nice comments and was considering doing a "hands on" class.
    Any suggestions?
    , Bob
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    You may want to try your local highschool.

    There are always issues about insurance but demonstrations are always good.
    I do some demonstartions at the highschool and also at our local fair.
    The fair wants hobby demonstrations, Here in Canada each fair is graded, they lose points if they don't have demonstrations.
    I can't sell premade products when demonstrating the hobby, but anything I make at the fair I can get money for. Thats always a plus.

    You may also want to check with local lumber yards or hardware stores.
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      just a thought, but why not post notices around and a regestration for any one that wants to learn scrolling and then hold classes at your own shop? Be sure and get insurance for your own protection.Who knows you may even make a dollar or two- this way too-


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        Perhaps the local press might write an article about your scrolling if you tell them about it. That should attract attention.

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          Check out the ACES program from S. A. W. It is a 20 minute video that covers the a complete project made on the scroll saw. This is not to learn to scroll but geared toward showing how it is done and how easy it can be to do. By time you play the video and answer questions you have an easy 30 minute program.
          Rick Hutcheson


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            Even before I read Rick's article in the latest issue of S.A.W.Dust, I've been wrestling with the idea of starting a class at the local Boys and Girls Club. The match isn't over yet!

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              Just to add to what Rick posted, the ACES (Anyone Can Enjoy Scrolling) is available in either VHS or DVD format. And, you do not have to be a SAW member to get it. So if it would be helpful to you in spreading the word on scrolling, get a copy and have fun!


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                You might want to remind your audience at the Library that Scroll Sawing goes back at least to just prior to the 20th century. The hobby has gone in and out of favor in the last 100 + years.

                Even in the early days, the hobbyist purchased plans and patterns for their cutting. Some patterns came in books and pamphlets. And a few books and pamphlets of patterns made their way onto Library shelves.

                Thanks to Libraries everywhere, when the hobby enthusiast numbers swell, like today, it is possible to find copies of the early patterns and a renaissance may occur. Building on the past, with changes allowed due to technology and cultural taste, the hobby can continue to satisfy both men and women craft-workers. Again, because Libraries occasionally act as a repository of knowledge which is out of favor with the public at large, waiting for a resurgence of interest, rebirth occurs and the past is not lost.



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                  I've given a number of talks on making my puzzles. To prepare, I set up a video camera pointed at my fingers as I worked and just let it roll through various different kinds of cuts. I zoomed the lens in and let it remain fixed at about six inches from the cutting. I then watched the finished ten-minute tape a few times and developed a narrative to describe what I was doing as the tape played in the background. Playing the tape and talking over it have proven to be very effective and avoided all the physical and legal problems of trying to demonstrate on a real saw.

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                    Promoting Scrolling

                    There is a new page on the SAW web site about ways to promote scrolling. So anyone needing ideas , go check it out.

                    Rick Hutcheson


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                      Looks like good information to get started and the way to go. I am sure that this library is interested. all for your help.PS, My saw is tuned up ...but as for myself, Well maybe it is not all that hard to do. Bob
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