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What thickness wood for mini clocks?

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  • What thickness wood for mini clocks?

    I'm going to pick up a few 1 7/16" clocks and a forstner bit from Sloan's or Wildwood to incorporate some clocks into my next projects. Do you have to use 3/4" or will 1/4" with a stand work?


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    You can use 1/4, but the back of the clock insert may stick out the back of the project, depending on the company you order them from. I think most are 1/4 deep,or 5/16 inch deep. 1/2 inch thick wood would be my choice to use, but it would also depend on the pattern. Check out these clocks as well. Klockit has a huge variety of clock making supplies,and on their site they do a much nicer job then the others of describing the hole requirements for mounting, both diameter, and depth. To answer your question in a simple answer...... No, you dont HAVE to use 3/4 thick wood. dale
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      I have made well over 100 mini clocks and I always used 1/4" wood. The movements were from Wildwood and they were pretty well flush with the back of the wood. I even used 1/4" for the base's . Great way to use up some odds and ends of left over wood from when making larger clocks.
      I generally make a batch of about 25 when I go at it but I am all out of stock again. They sell real good at $25.00 each around here. I stack saw 3 at a time in hardwood or 4 at a time with softer woods.
      I like to get the quantity discounts from Wildwood when ordering those little movements.
      I know some like to use 3/8" or even 1/2" for them but I have never had a problem with just 1/4" wood.

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        I have made several mini clocks and they range in thickness from 3/8 to 1/2. Some do sneak under the 3/8 a little and they are not a problem.



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