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Q: Bending Wet Baltic Birch

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  • Q: Bending Wet Baltic Birch

    Hi Patient Friends,

    My Krazy Klock requires soaking two of the longer scrolled pieces of 1/8” Baltic Birch plywood overnight in water to soften, then wrapping them around a circular jig I already cut from ¾” MDF, taping them in place, and letting them dry a couple of days or so. I soaked them, for about 12 hours now, but I’m afraid they’ll crack if I bend them, as they don’t feel “rubbery” enough. Soaking too long might damage the glue? How “soft and rubbery” should the wood feel before I can bend the pieces around the circle?



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    Ann I have been watching your post to see what thhe answers would be-- guess you stumped us all on this one-- soo how about you trying it and then tell us how you did it and did it work- I for one would really like to know


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      Just bend them around your MDF form gently without going about it too fast. Give the fibers time to stretch. It should not present a problem. I bent these 1/8" BB basket handles the same way after soaking them overnight in the bathtub. Don't let them dry at all before bending them . Do it while they are still soaking wet.

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        Thanks Sharon and Bill for replies!

        Well, the BB has been soaking now for 3-4 days and is softer... I'll try it this afternoon. I have a feeling, however, that I'm going to need to cut new pieces, let them soak say 24 hours in water not so cold as what is coming out of my tap, then try it -- slowly-slowly as you have said, Bill.

        I did receive a PM that said BB wasn't good at bending. When my BB had soaked around 24 hours, I could hear it "creak" (or IS that "crack") when I tried to bend it in my hands.

        BB is cheap... I've got already a good amount of time in this little clock, so what can I lose by experimenting and I'll let you know the results!

        Bill -- those baskets are wonderful!!! Thanks for posting the photos, and they also encourage me greatly toward getting this BB stuff bent well!



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