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Bunny Boards in SSW 22?

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  • Bunny Boards in SSW 22?

    Just wondering if there's a correction -- or am I not understanding -- about the boards suggested for the bunnies in the SSW.

    It recommends the 3/4" x "1 (yes, "1) x 6" pine or cedar boards.

    I'm assuming that it means 3/4" thick by 6" WIDE, then whatever length you want depending on how much the parents multipled (you know rabbits...)

    Have I got this right? I plan on sneaking bunnies into the little gardens in our apartment complex; most of my neighbours are elderly widows who need cheering and would love bunnies in the garden and bunnies at their doorsteps! All colors of bunnies! White with pink eyes! Brown or gray with black eyes!

    Anyway, 3/4" by 6" wide by [infinity] OK?

    Thanks, Ann

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    Ann, you are so correct . 3/4 thick wood is whats needed, and yes, unless you are doing just one sex of rabbit, you can multiply as many as you could possibly cut!
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      It's the "1 x 6" that's confusing. I'm assuming 6" wide boards... but what is that "1 supposed to mean!?

      Go, Bunnies, Go!



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        It all goes back to the old days when wood wasn't dressed. No it wasn't naked either!

        The wood was cut at 1"x6" then as people demanded finished wood it would be planed and sanded to 3/4 x 5 1/2. We still use the 1x6 tag, unless you are in England then it is 6x1. Except for Tuesdays then it is...... never mind
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          Sorry to be so dumb, but...! WHY does it say all three numbers:

          3/4" by "1 by 6".

          And in the article, where it lists supplies needed, it does have the " (inch mark) before the 1".

          I understand that 1 x 6 actually means 3/4 x about 5.5. But 3/4x1x6 would be about the size of fat little garden stakes!

          It must be a typo in the magazine, 'cause otherwise it doesn't make any sense?

          Oh, well, I'm going to bed and not lose too much sleep over it!



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            Ann- if it said 1x6x6 then it would mean 1 inch thick by 6 inch wide by 6 long and when you see a piece that refers to something as -x-x-x then it is speaking of the thicknes by the width bythe length -- fill in the blanks with your own numbers-- and don't worry about the questions we love showing off our smarts.. soon you 'll be answering them for others - we all had to start somewhere-- and fried rabbit is reall good with gravy --ummmmmmm --


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              When in doubt, measure the pattern <grin>
              You caught a typo on our part. The size should read 1" x 6" x 8" (which gives you some space around the bunny to hold on to).

              Hope that helps.

              Bob Duncan
              Scroll Saw Workshop


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                Thanks for the clarifications!

                Sharon --- I just could never eat bunnies! Gravy or not! It would be like eating my pet chinchilla... I've had too many bunnies as pets to be able to eat one...

                Bob --- yup, measuring the pattern, that's a real good idea!

                Having done a little writing, editing, proofing, etc, in the past, it's good to know I can still spot the wee boo-boo's.

                Thanks and all the best... will be making bunnies pretty soon!



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