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portable belt sander vs tabletop vs bow sander

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  • portable belt sander vs tabletop vs bow sander

    I have a craftsmen 3x21 portable belt sander. I'd like a table top belt sander but if I buy anymore equipment I'd better find another room to sleep in. Has anyone in scroll saw land made some kind of holder to make a portable into a table top. I don't see it as that difficult but I wanted to see what the pitfalls might be. You kind people have always kept me headed in the right direction.

    Also, I saw a post about a bow saw on another forum. It looked pretty neat and seemed like it might be quite useful for intarsia, especially for rounding the edges. I was thinking that it could be made from plywood. Any feedback on using the bow saw? For those who haven't seen one, it looks like a small archery bow but instead of string, you use a strip from belt sand paper


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    I just drew up a simple bowsander. Hope some of you find it useful.

    After reviewing the design the leverage would be better if the pivot point was higher up on the bow. but the concept should work out fine
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      I have a craft vise attached to my table and I just turn my belt sander upside down and clamp it in. Works for me.
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        I use my belt sander often for unorthodox means to and end i use a workmate the bench type vice like table top and clamp the belt sander in it. to shape things that are too small to handle the sander over,
        it should work until you can come up with better.

        i have seen several different patterns check this one out.
        it was made of wood shaped like coping saw, and used strips of 3x21 beltsander belt, sanding belt sets on pegs and tention is held by thumb
        do a google search on "bo sander" or "bow sander". you will find several more.

        i bought the 1/2" bandfile attachment for a 4-1/2" side grinder from harbor freight, you got to be careful with that thing it will eat you....

        they sell hammocks too.. hahaha
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