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Fretwork WOLF On A Hollow Vessel

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  • Fretwork WOLF On A Hollow Vessel

    Hello all;
    For anyone that is a member of my site and may only have the scrollsaw forum bookmarked , you need to go to the turning board and check this out. That guy does some fantastic work.
    That guy is a master turner and like myself he likes to incorporate fretwork into some of his turnings . But he is on a WAY higher skill level than I am.
    He made the saw modifications on a RBI Hawk saw to do it but it could be improvised to other makes as well and a picture of how he did that is in a separate topic on the same board.
    Unfortunately non members probably won't be able to view it from that link because I have a secure members only site.
    The picture of the week that is presently displayed at the top of every board in my site is also a piece made by the same person but that ones does not incorporate scrolling but incorporates carving and wood burning.

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    Bill... I saw that on your site yesterday. The person is a true artisan. BTW, I joined your forum on the 3rd of this month and I'm really impressed with it. This site, your site and Mikes workshop for FD blades are helping me come up to speed quicker than I thought I could. For those that are looking for additional patterns, be sure to check out

    You'll have to join these groups but they've lots of good info and patterns.



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        I must be missing something. I've only been on this forum a short time and have learned so much from all of you. One of the things I really like is the way everybody has been so helpful. It appeared that we were all one happy family who tried to help each other. Call me naive but I don't understand the flaming or the underlying bitterness. Did I screw up by letting new people on the forum know about additional sites that might help with their scrolling hobby? Can someone fill me in?

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          Harris you are correct in the understanding that the forum is intended to share scrolling information and posting links is one of the ways to do it.

          I am speaking as a member of the forum nothing more, I do not imagine that SSW would really like a link that sends people to a competitor, after all they provide the forum for us to use for free.

          All the links you posted are wonderful links.

          I can also feel the tension between some members and it does undermine the friendly atmosphere of the board.

          I know there are times when good fun and bantering get a little carried away, I am sure some have taken offense at boyish post which even I have made.

          We are all adults here, or at least old enough to know how to behave with each other. Lets get on with the true nature of the forum and help each other.
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            I've deleted several of these posts. I felt that they did undermine the friendly atmosphere that I've worked hard to create on this board. If you have opinions like this, use private messages. I'm going to start another thread asking everyone's opinion on links. I've also closed this thread.



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