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SSW Issue #22 farm puzzle

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  • SSW Issue #22 farm puzzle

    Thanks Carl,
    for sharing the compound puzzle with us,
    I love these trials of skill, sanity, and keeping ones cool...

    i been aching to build a ship in a hot sauce bottle but couldnt figure how to get in the tiny hole to start construction..... any ideas?

    congradulations great article.
    and the sidebar project zero tolorance incert was an answer to some of my other problems as well...
    thanks again
    Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster

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    Thanks, I cant wait to get my copy in the mail!
    the hotsauce bottle sounds great. You will need to make some homemade tweezers though
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      Originally posted by CanadianScroller
      I cant wait to get my copy in the mail
      Neither can I! It should be 6-8 weeks after the rest of you if previous experience is anything to go by . Oh well, at least you lot will have sorted out any wrinkles there may be by the time mine arrives .

      There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
      (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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        Hey Carl.....I was gonna send you an e-mail but I'm already here. Loved your article and the idea!! I haven't attempted many compound cut projects but I'm thinking the grandkids will enjoy this one. Hope to see more of your work in SSW!!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          cant wait to see yours too Neal!
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
          Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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            I agree

            Yep, I agree with everyone, Carl, you did a good job on the article and I can't wait to do one or two. I suspect they will be taken by the grandkid.

            I thought your trout project was just very nice, too.

            There are a few projects in the new issue I will enjoy doing.


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              sorry neal i didnt read the one on the trout segmentation, looks complicated, i get confused tying my shoes....
              but i do intend to debate long and hard on segmentation... promise ill read the article tonight...

              i had just seen carls mug thumbing through and it cought my eye had to comment.
              Bill you better make more than 2 milk farms
              i made 3 and there all gone since friday nobody took them
              around here its said they must have evaporated!...

              next one will be made with a chain and car wheel attached.
              Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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                Thomp2....It's really not complicated but I guess segmentation is an aspect of scrolling that one really has to enjoy in order to go through all the steps to finally see the finished product. It's about all I do any more since I did my first one. I've always liked to draw and paint (never was really good at it) so segmentation just sort of fit hand and glove with my scrolling. I've done about 50 so far and my walls are covered with them. I've done a few pierced portraits and a lot of fretwork pieces such as clocks, shelves, and jewelry boxes, and enjoy all areas of scrolling, but I just seem to be drawn back to segmented portraits. There are many super talented folks on this site who make everything from puzzles to furniture and we all have one thing in common......we're addicted to scrolling. Great bunch of friends who share information equally with the experienced and beginner alike.
                If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                  after reading the segmentation artical i am thinking of trying segmentation, now that i understand it a little better,
                  ill try to keep you posted as to my project results...

                  my conseption was tilting the table and cutting each segment out of different cuts of wood changing grain direction ect?

                  will 3/4" solid wood work as well as birch plywood? i got some sweetgum on hand little harder than popular bout the same color..

                  if not ill get some hobbystore cut birch. the thickness wasent mentioned was it 1/2 or 5/8"?
                  Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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                    I never tried sweetgum but if it cuts good on the saw and will take stain well it will work. Nice clear white pine and soft maple work well too. Really, soft maple is probably the best but I have a hard time getting it here and have settled for poplar since it is a very common species here in West Virginia and easy to find. I like to use 1/2 inch thick wood but 3/4 will work too as will 1/4 but you can't incorporate much relief using 1/4 inch stock. I'd stay away from ply for this kind of project because a lot of edges are apparant when it's glued up in relief and the plys might be too obvious. I hope you will like doing this sort of project and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me (that goes for anyone else here also who wants to cut that project).
                    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                      I guess i been doing a partial segmentation but not all with the scrollsaw

                      if you remember back someone came up with the free patterns to the spectrum stainglass site, the files are intended for stainglass but intarcia-segmentation isent far behind the process of stainglass,
                      you select a set and fetch then choose the pdf file download...

                      there is a gnome pattern and several fairys i got and made for my grand daughter. they could be produced in segmented but i layed out the pattern with carbon paper and carved the detail in to them and we painted and applied them to the side of her toy box, with liquid nails... of all things. but there their to stay..
                      my son is quite a crafted artist but a deadly woodworker, so they look great with the efforts combigned.

                      will be starting the trout soon...
                      Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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                        Thanks for reposting that link Thom. I forgot about it.
                        These would be good for mini intarsia too.
                        I have to organize my bookmarks, I have way too many links to go through
                        I spend more time looking for the links than I do searching for the patterns.
                        CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                        "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
                        Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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                          hope i aint streching the off topic meaning to far

                          i found printing them through another program i can get 9 gnomes on one 8x10 sheet i extracted the graphic to jpg and reduced the printing to 3" tall and ran it through the printer 3 times first printing it center then printed it top then flipped the page and printed bottom, thinking stack cut 3 sheets and ill have gnomes running around here till next year for christmas orniments... or some other wierd thing my wife develops,,

                          she has her eye on all them faries and butterflys too...

                          there is a freeware program to find good bookmarks and move other dead links to a folder you specify.i forget the name
                          another trick for editing favorites is open it as a filder and you dont have to work through that little window.

                          later thomp..
                          Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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                            What puzzle? What magazine? What the heck? Bob, does Fox Chapel mail out the new issues from east to west? Or does the Pony Express just run late this time of year in Texas? I'm like Gill, guess I will receive mine in a few weeks. Gripe, gripe, moan, moan.
                            Old Mooner


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                              Neal, I have not disected the hole articale yet. but was very drawn to your Brown Trout.segmentation. the staining and painting is great. you have a great eye for detail. My Hubby and I love to fish , so I think I will try to make this for him. gosh hope i can do it justis. think I'll make it a 5 lb er. really nice job. your friend Evie


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