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  • Stack cutting question

    I haven't stack cut before but I understand that you use brads at the outside edges to hold the pieces together. Currently, before cutting single pieces I always cut my wood to the final size. When stack cutting, do you have to cut to the final size after scrolling? Couldn't this be a problem if an inside cut is near where you're cutting your piece to a final size? Am I missing something?


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    The main thing with stack cutting is keeping all the pieces together and not letting them slip.
    Brads in the "off cut" areas is one method.
    If you prefer to cut to finished size first you can wrap the edges with masking tape.
    You can also use a hot glue gun, making the glue go up and down on the edges keeping them together.
    Yo can also spray temporary adhesive to both sides of a piece of paper and stack the wood like hamburger patties.
    The wood will separate from the paper once you have finished cutting.
    You can also cover the entire stack with clear packing tape.

    Lots of choices, depending on what you have on hand.
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      That makes sense. I must have had a senior minute cause I should have know that. Now can anyone remind me of my name please?


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        Now can anyone remind me of my name please?
        Isn't that harold or harriet or harland or harmond or let me think . . . Oh . .I remember now . . . . It's Harris
        I do a lot of stack sawing. Matter of fact mostly stack sawing. Don't know what I would do without my trusty brad nailer. Stack em up , bang bang bang with the brad nailer , drill holes and start sawing.
        I am in the process of stack sawing two more Worthington Hall clocks on a commission job. . Some pieces only 2 deep and other pieces 4 deep of 1/4" wood.

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          stack cutting

          I have had good luck using double sided scotch tape. Tried carpet tape but it was too difficult to remove.


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            Mines Hot Glue

            I use the hot glue method and have no problems with that. I do cut the finished outline out after the fretwork. It works well. If you want to do the final outline cut first and hot glue them together first, then the hot glue comes off easily.


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              I normally use a dot of PVA adhesive. However, I think the hot glue approach is more practical. It's just that I've usually got PVA to hand, and it's quicker than heating up the glue gun!

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                Depends on the project, I've used the hot glue method mostly for small projects that will have many layers... like ornaments, but if it is a bigger project and I'm only doing 2 or 3 layers, I have found that re-gripping tape (for golfclubs) works fantastic! Not to loose... yet just the right power to hold on... and is easy to remove from the piece when done. (if it gets into the piece.)


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