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Photo puzzles... Finish \ protect before or after?

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  • Photo puzzles... Finish \ protect before or after?

    I'm about to make my first photo puzzles and am puzzled about when to apply the finish and spray protective coating. I'm doing it on 3/4" material so they can be stand up puzzles.

    How would finish the sides and bottom of the puzzle pieces or would you leave them smooth and raw?

    If you spray the protective coating on the photo before you cut the pieces, will it crack \ peel or will it be OK?


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    Hi Harris

    If you apply a finish to the edges of the pieces after they have been cut, it could easily build up so as to prevent them fitting together. Added to which, the finish will be worn away over time through usage anyway.

    I would simply mount the photograph on the baseboard, apply the finish, then cut it.

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      There usually alot of good information that has been mentioned before and many of the people can not answer your questions right away but as a suggestion if you look back over some of the older topics in the many threads we have here you may find helpful info. This is just a suggestion. But here is an older response that might help. If you really have problems our puzzle guru Carter Johnson is the man to ask and his email and web site are listed. Check it out.
      John T.


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        Wow, that original post was mine. Do I feel like a dufus or what. (LOL) I am using the info from that post.

        However, Instead of tracing on tracing paper, I keep my puzzle templates in the computer and when needed, I print one onto a plain copy transparency sheet and size it to the photo, which is also in the computer, using Photo Shop Elements 2. This way, I can make sure that both the photo and template are sized the same or as close as possible. I then lay the printed transparency puzzle overlay over the photo and tape it down with packing tape. That way there is no adhesive between the transparency and the photo. I've only tried this once and it worked. After I've done a number of puzzles and feel more comfortable, I'll do away with the templates and start freehanding them

        I haven't put a finish on any yet, but Gill, you are absolutely correct. I see that there should be no finish between the pieces. As to finishing the back and sides before cutting, I see where I must be careful not to get any finish on the top or the photo adhesive will probably not adhere. Thanks...

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