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  • Scroll projects?

    I am curious as to how many of you work on one project from start to finish before starting another, or do you tend to work on multiple projects at once?

    So far I am a start to finish kind of guy, but I have so many on my to do list that at times it is hard not to start up several more.

    How about you?


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    You can count me off that list for sure. I would say right now I have about 20 different projects started. I have projects from 4 or 5 years ago I never finished.I have srolling projects and flat work projects that need to be done. My problem is I get bored easily. I like new challenges all the time. This is one reason I just bought myself a lathe and am going to start turning. I am a little board with scrolling. Don't get me wrong I will still do it but maybe not as much. I do need to get some of these projects done and out of the way. This is why I had to chuckle when someone asked about things we are working on for Christmas. Well my things are for next Christmas at least.
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      I always have several things going at once. I get bored just working on one thing at a time. Some of my projects require staining/painting and that requires time. So, instead of watching the paint dry, I work on something else. I currently have four projects underway.
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        More than one?

        Yep, count me in with John and Moon. I had 3 going at once and more to come. I just can't do just one, it seems I have to have more than one going at once. Call me crazy, but I love it.


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          I typically will have several going at once but this is more to do with not allowing myself to be idle. While the glue is drying on something I may start a batch of frames, while those are drying I may start on a scroll project, etc. I really don't have any unfinished items though, everything I do is start to finish I just do several at a time to most expeditiously use the little time I have available.

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            I always have several going at one time. I also get bored very quickly.
            I don't know how many I have that will never be finished.

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              multiple projects

              I generally have more than one project on the go at a time. I get tired of doing a complicated piece and switch to a little "easier" piece for a bit. Sometimes I get frustrated with a particular piece and put it aside for a while and then go back to it maybe a couple of weeks later. Also, I keep seeing patterns I want to scroll and get anxious to get them started.


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                I'll only cut one project at a time but I may have several pieces going through various stages of finishing.

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                  I have several going at once. For ornaments, I'll prepare up to 10 stacks, drill all the interior holes, cut all the interior frets, then cut all the outlines last. Same with "big" projects" with hundreds of internal cuts. I'll work on them for a while, then switch over to "simpler projects" so I get a sense of accomplishment. I save finishing for Saturdays, clean-up and prep on Sundays, then cut Mon - Friday.
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                    i generally cut on one thing at a time,unless its a big clock. however,when its to the finishing stage,i set it aside,and start somthing else.i dont like getting the finishing stuff all out for one thing,ilike to wait till i have a few,unless its a rush job.the other night,i finally put finish one 16 projects,plus a slew of ornaments.
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                      Usually one or a batch of the same pattern (or similar ones) at a time - print patterns, tape them on, rough-cut, exact cut, sand, finish, package up - perhaps taking each step on them all at one session. That makes me feel like "Sandy Claws' Workshop", but it is a good way to get stuff actually finished.
                      Now -- carving - that is an entirely different matter - seems once I work out all the challenges, I lose interest - I have literally boxes of unfinished (and not likely to be finished) projects. Occasionally I go back, but usually I cannot force myself to complete them once the fire of interest is out.
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                        Count me as Flighty... non finisher as it is currently

                        Finding out how to use the scrollsaw, has been one of the biggest new enjoyments i have had lately,
                        but with success comes failures and i have about 7 dishpan size plastic tubs of "Probobal scraps" projects i havent finished, dont know if they count as projects,

                        i blame it on these ssw fourms,, haha!
                        and the new ideas poping up every day, i also take a notion to carve once and a while.

                        i was cutting out cookie cutter coloring book page charters from childrens cartoons - comics attempting to make mobiles for the grand babys, as the pieces stacked up i bought a cheap air brush, to do the bulk painting, then while doing that i got distracted with compound cutting the lizard in fall issue, i have several lizards and snakes made in different stages,,

                        maybe next year ill get cought up or it will get real coald and ill build a good fire and catch up faster....
                        merry christmas all..
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                          One project at a time from start to finish.
                          Merry Christmas to all of you. Mick
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                            I like to do one at a time because I do mostly segmentation. I never know what the finished piece will look like until it's all stained and glued up so I'm anxious to see the completed project.
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                              C'mon Neal, admit it. You're just lazy. I do segmentation too and I currently have four, count 'em, four portraits going at once. While I am cutting one, I am staining one, and "gluing up" another. There is a lot of waiting while stain and glue dries/sets. I also do a few "fret" type projects (Zaffino's stuff mostly) while all this is going on. Get with the program swabbie.
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