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    I saw afew patterns of clocks where you cut out all the gears and such. i was wondering if they tell time accuratly. Has anybody made one of these before are there any suggestions out there?

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    wood gear clocks

    I designed some patterns for the clocks. They do keep accurate time. The speed the clocks run is adjusted by the distance the bob is on the pendulum. So with adjustments they can be made to keep accurate time. The plans are available on my web site.
    Rick Hutcheson


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      link? i dont know what site that is


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        Here are a few good sites for making your own gear clocks:

        Mike M
        SD Mike


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          Ah-hm, a word in your ear if I may,

          Rick Hutchenson's web site is one of the best Scroll Saw resources of basic information around. He, and his site, are so well known that many (including myself) forget that newbies, like yourself, may not be aware of Rick or his site.

          There are of course several other SS resouces on the web, almost all of them are listed under this site's link to Other Great Sites on the left hand side of your screen.

          Scrollsaw Associantion has a very long list of links and address for SS resources. You can spend a long rainy Saturday afternoon browsing through the links, information, and so forth:



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            Now if I may put something in your ear also. These clocks are nice and yes you can get them to run well but there are many factors involved. It is not as easy as stated. You must be very , very good at scrolling to get the gears right. You need to use the right woods because with wood you get movement and with movement you get expansion and contraction. Of course these things are explained on some of the sites listed and there are books out there to help. Hope you give it a try. One other thing you can get gears alredy cut by laser so that is another option.
            John T.


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