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My first good project

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  • My first good project

    I made a couple months ago how is it?

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    This is a very good beginning. But if I may I would like to offer a few pointers. First and foremost when posting photos like that please try to reduce the size and make it managable. For guys like me with dial-up service it takes too long to load and it spreads the page too much.

    Now the cutting. I see you used plywood and this maybe because it was a first try and all but you will find scrollng that kind of plywood to actually be harder than say pine or poplar to begin with. It as you have seen splinters and does other nasty things. I bet if you tried that same project in a piece of pine you will see a big difference in cutting and quality. I am not at all trying to downgrade your work but trying to give you a little constructive critisism. This is how we learn. You have the basic cuts down so that is a plus. Give it a try and practice in pine or poplar and you will see the difference and get to enjoy it alot more. Good luck to you.
    John T.


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      The "splintering" on this type of plywood can be at least partially avoided by using a layer of painter's tape (the blue stuff) over the wood before applying the pattern. I agree with JT. Your pleasure in a job well done will be increased if you use a different wood. That is not to say that it can't be done with plywood. You just have to be careful to use the best grade you can afford. With a little practice trying various saw speeds and blades, you will see yourself getting better and better as you become more confident in what both you and the saw can do. Keep up the good work and let us see your progress. I also agree with JT that you need to adjust the dimensions of your posted photos. Check out the FAQs about size. etc.
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