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  • Question for Judy Peterson

    I am relatively new to scrolling and really only got started after making one of your free standing hummingbird puzzles. I have since made and given away twenty or so of them. You do beautiful work. My question. I am looking at your Owl Family Puzzle in issue 20; where you talk about cutting on the right side of the blade etc., I understand the concept of cutting on one side of the line or the other, or splitting the line for that matter, but what do you mean when you say your patterns are set up to cut on the right side of the blade. I have pondered this question for some time and can't figure it out. How do you tell if a pattern is set up one way or the other? Any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am also new at message boards, posting etc. so hopefully this will be appropriately posted. I am including my e-mail link (I think), in case that might aid in your response. Thanks for your help. Gary Olstad[email protected]

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    I cannot answer your question, since that one is stumping me too!
    But I can tell you that you can just go ahead and cut the owl family whichever way seems comfortable, and it will probably come out great! I have cut 3 of them now - cut from 3/4" poplar - stained the tree parts, then Watco'd all the pieces - and they are great. The owls stand out a bit more when they are a different color, and people really like those babies in the hollow tree. I can tell you that, except for drilling the holes at 90 degrees (for the baby owls' eyes) it is not nearly as hard to cut as it looks. People will be suitably impressed, and you will be appropriately proud of your work.
    I will be waiting with you for Judy's answer to the cutting on the right thing.
    By the way, welcome to the group!


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