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    Just saw on Ebay on Dec 6 a RBI 226 saw was sold for $557 It was 10 years old but never used. It never had wood to it. The pictures proved that. Now that was a deal. I have 2 now but for that price It would have been hard to stay away from that one. That is half the going price. It pays to watch ebay for saws.
    John T.

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    That was a heckuva deal for the RBI saw! I've had my RBI saw for close to 20 years and I have never had a single problem with it. I would hate to guess how many thousands of hours I have on that baby!

    Practice Doesn't Make Perfect! Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!


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      I do know of a brand spanking new rbi 20 inch saw for sale for $650 if you can think of anyone that might be interested. He won the saw less then two weeks after ordering the G4 when it was first coming out,and the 20 inch hawk never got used.
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Bruce said he felt like he needed to look for a job when he first retired. That lasted for about a month and he hasn’t looked back since. I had a friend whose company gave him a 50th party. At the party he told them he was retiring in 2 weeks! Trust us, you will love being retired.
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        Hi ibber - LOL!

        I took the keyboard back to the store a while back and they hadn't got a replacement in stock. Since I like the look o it I think I am going to play attack it later this evening and try to sort out the problem.
        ingers crossed
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        I think it might be a letter that one would need to use the left index finger. Perhaps you need a heavier hammer.
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        Hi Rolf - the unit I bought will also do Tig welding once you buy the optional accessories - torch, nozzles etc: - plus it will do conventional stick welding too. I doubt I'll be heading down the TIG route anytime soon, at least not for the projects I have in mind at the moment.

        I did a...
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        Jim I bought a mig welder the last time I did a frame off restoration on my TVR. I had a few frame cracks. I bought one that used shielding gas. I never really mastered the power vs feed vs moving the torch. Using it only a couple of times a year did not help.
        My dream was to buy a TIG so that...
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