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    Has anybody built the Shopiere Clock item # 62052 in the Wildwood Designs catalog? Do you know anybody that has? I want to try this clock for my next project. I don't know if I have the skill for this clock but am willing to give it a try. It says for the advanced scroller in the catalog so I guess that leaves me out. The worst that can happen is I will have some good looking cherry kindling for a stove. Let me know what you think. What do you have to accomplish to be an advanced scroller? I thought I was pretty advanced when I learned to change the blades. O well, bear with me and let me have your opinions. I probably will need a lot of help on this one. Have a good day. I think this will take you to the clock picture. For the advanced sawer. A beautiful clock measuring 14 1/2 inches deep by 28 1/2 inches wide by 44 1/2 inches tall. This work of art has 70 framed windows, 4 doors, 10 spires and the center dome. We covered the dome and spires with 2 sheets of our copper roofing #96947 to contrast the woods. The Shopiere Clock may takes several months to make but will be enjoyed by all for years to come. Order the Tiffany table pattern shown in photo separately

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    James (Huntsville, TX.)

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    James, don't know how long you have been scrolling or how skilled you are but you will be a lot more skilled after you complete that clock. I'm sure if you take your time and enjoy scrolling it will turn out great. I just completed Jeff Zaffino's Engine 86. I had never tried anything that difficult before but it wasn't that hard to do once I got into it. I only worked at it for 3/4 to an hour at a time and after a few weeks I completed it. I have been scrolling since I retired in 92. Good luck with the clock. Mick.
    Mick, - Delta P-20

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      That is a beautiful clock, and a challenging project.
      Any scrolling project is a challenge, Do you remember the first time you did an inside cut?
      Or the first time you tried to cut a full circle.
      A project of this magnitude is just a series of smaller projects connected together.
      I once started the Dome clock, I chose the wrong material because I had an ample supply of it.
      I still haven't finished the clock, not because it was too hard to do but because I lost interest, or should I say I found interest in other projects.
      While the clock you have chosen is not one to do as a first project I believe that almost any competent scroller could build it.
      Cherry is a beautiful wood to scroll, one of my favorites and a great choice for this project.
      Good luck with it and if you have any questions, this forum is the place to go.
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        As mentioned the larger the clock the larger the amount of cuts but it still is like a series of doing small projects just stacked higher. The most challenging part there will be the dome angles. Lots of trial pieces before committing to the real deal. It looks like there is 4 levels. Plan ahead when doing them Know how you want them stacked and later secured but may want to be able to take apart for travel. Also what type of finish. It maybe much easier to finish each section before assembly. You will find these things out when you get the plans and look them over. Also I would choose the motor for the clock ahead so in case there is some structure details that can be worked out as you are building. That project screams for a Westminster chime motor. Good luck and post pictures as you are going through the stages. Would be an interesting project.
        John T.


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