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  • cutting sharp points

    I have been in the garage cutting out christmas ornaments.
    The problem I am having is trying to cut sharp points on one
    of the ornaments.I am able to cut the points but I have to
    peck at it a while. I am sure there is some technique that
    is used and I would really like to learn it so it would speed
    up the process.All comments are welcome.
    Delta P-20

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    Points are sharpest when tackled from both sides.
    If the point is on an inside cut, cut to the apex of the point on one side then back the blade down the same kerf you just cut.
    Once you are a reasonable distance away from the apex, start cutting the other side.

    Check out the tutorial on Rick H's home page
    He has an excellent visuals there, of both inside and outside cuts

    Look for Scrolling tips
    And Cut Tips

    His description is much more eloquent than mine
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      If you go to click on "Q & A" and then click on:
      How about cutting corners?
      SD Mike


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        The sources that were given are very good. But to summerize and if this is an outside corner where there is waste material around it then the easiest way is cut up one side of the point and go past itand make a u turn. It does not have to be sharp because this is waste area. then come back to cut the other side. Now when it is an inside corner cut down on side to the point back up and make a loop in waste area and just catch the start of the other side of the inside cut. Now there is a small piece that falls out of the way so you can swing the blade around and start cutting the oposite side the way you normally cut. Once you do a few you get the hang of it and it becomes second nature. If you get a little hump in the corner you can nibble away at it with the edge of the blade.

        Now if there is no waste are in either case, outside corner or inside corner than you are going to have to learn to spim on a dime. To do this cut to the point let up on the pushing pressure and just spin the wood using a forefinger as a pivot point so as to not push the wood as you spin it. This is done the same way for both. When making cuts going the opposite way it is a matter of switch ing fingers on the other hand. This should be done as an exercise in your practice routine. Good Luck. Nothing to it.
        John T.


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          Thanks to all for the tips,
          I did better on the ornaments.I just bought my first
          digatal camera and will post some pictures soon.
          Nice talking to you Mike as always.
          Delta P-20


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