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"Scroll portrait" finishing?

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  • "Scroll portrait" finishing?

    I just did a "scroll portrait" (is fretwork the correct name for this) for any that are familiar it was "Lucky the turtle

    It turned out quite well for my first piece... I am going to give it to my wife for christmas. I made a simple frame for it out of 1x2 pine, and routered a cut out for the piece to sit in the frame from the back side.... My question is what/how do I back the portrait? What is the best method? another piece of 1/8" plywood painted black? fabric? etc... any suggestions? Should I put anything in front of the fretwork? glass etc? or laquer etc?

    Thanks for any guidance!


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    You are gonna get all kinds of "guidance" from this question. Let me give you mine--I use black poster board, velvet, painted 1/8" plywood, or construction paper. Things like expense, how much of the "background" shows, desired texture, etc play a part in the decision. I generally cut the backing the same size as the frame opening and do not glue it to the project itself. I know some folks that like to glue the project to the backing and that is OK if you are careful and have enough area to glue to. There is no "best" method. Depends on the project and your tastes.
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      A product I like is that thin crafting foam from dollar stores. It comes in all colors and is easy to cut and glue.
      Mine hasnt faded yet but I have only used it for a few months.
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        Mathew, I use 1/8" luan plywood as a backer for my cuttings, it can be stained or painted. I have never covered any of mine with glass, I just use the vacuum to clean them. There are many different products you can use for backing, felt, cardboard, poster board, etc. Mick
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          You've gotten great answers so far. I'm with Mooner, I use whatever works. I primarily use "foamies" for 8 X 10 and smaller and for larger pieces I will attach a piece of 1/8" painted ply to strengthen the piece. I also use velvet and felt.

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            I use felt from the dollar store. They come in a 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I glue it with hot glue and can stretch it as I glue it so it is perfectly tight and with no wave.
            I also put a glass in front to protect the work from the dust.

            I also like to add a colored dark brown wax on the lighter color frame to make an accent on the molding shapes. If you do so, put the wax first, let it cure 1 hour and buff the frame THEN you put the glass and the assembled portrait.


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