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SSW Pyramide plans.

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  • SSW Pyramide plans.

    I have finally completed the pyramide that was featured in the SSW magazine. I did discover the pattern corrections on the site after I had passed that point in the construction of win some you lose some.

    With the family in close attendance I lit the candles and nothing happened, apart from singed hands, eyebrows, and of course the propellor blades. I tried different candle heights and different candles but finally had to admit defeat. The family was very gracious about it, well, what could they say!!

    After a nights sleep I attacked the confounded thing again. I took the propellor to pieces and put the boss back in the lathe where I reindexed it to allow for 12 blades, having decided that the gap between them in the original was so big that there was very little drive from it. Making sure that there was no one watching over my shoulder I relit the candles and IT WORKED. I then nonchalantly called in the family to view the pyramide and graciously accepted their accolades.

    If at first you don't .........................

    Rhys H.
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    Congratulations, Rhys

    Nice going, friend. You have given your children a good life lesson. You are a good example for us to follow and not let the first unsuccessful try stop you.

    "If at first you don't succeed, you're running about average"



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      Good Job, Rhys!
      Sounds like a winner all around to me!


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